Madden Mobile 16 — Top Plays Part 2

By | October 26, 2015

This post is for Madden Mobile 16.  For Madden Mobile 17, click on this link: Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success.


The more you play Madden Mobile 16, the tougher it gets. Not long ago I was ranked 65th overall, now I’m 89th. More players, better players. To keep up, you’ll need to master more plays. If your usual go-to plays don’t work, try the 4 “Plan B” plays below.

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madden mobile 16 video game

I dropped 25 places in just one month.

1) Flanker Spot

madden mobile 16 video game

By now, most players have Domination Gronk. If you don’t, get a good TE from the auction. Your TE is your best friend. Your TE will win you fans, and games, and glory. Get a good TE. Here’s how you run Flanker Spot:

  1. A) If no one covers your HB, give it to him. If your HB is covered, chuck it to your TE.; OR
  2. B) If the defenders are in zone, toss it to your TE. You’ll know there in zone if your TE runs past them; OR
  3. C) If your HB is covered, and the defense is man-to-man or deep zone, look to your WR on the spot.

2) Spot

madden mobile 16 video game

The Spot is same as Flanker Spot except it’s run from the Single Back formation. Do same thing as Flanker Spot.

3) Smash

madden mobile 16 video game

Smash is a homerun desperation play that works surprisingly often. You’ll need a fast HB with a high catch rating (85+). Run the play from the far hash. Wait for your HB to round the corner and chuck it deep down field. Big yards.

4) Motion Flat

madden mobile 16 video game

The Motion Flat requires a mobile QB or a very good offensive line. It takes a while to develop. Wait for your TE to run a post/corner. Chuck it to your TE once he releases on the corner. It’s a solid long-yardage play if you can find time for it.

If you have other favorite plays, comment below!  Happy Maddening!

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  1. Anonymous

    i like any TE drag plays. gronk always gets open


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