Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Trailer – The Art of the Breach

By | October 21, 2015

Rainbow Six is about breaching. Doors, windows, walls. Where there’s a nut, Rainbow Six will be there to crack it. Technically, it’s no siege. It’s an assault. Ain’t time to wait for surrender.

My first Rainbow Six game, Rainbow Six 3, had a whole bunch of breaching. Set fuse, turn on thermal, throw in some smoke, breach and kill bad guys, save hostages. It was cool, and then it got annoying after about 10 times, especially when you have to shoot a bullet between a hostage’s head and arm to kill the tango behind him. The words, “Tango down”, are still sweet to my ears.

The Rainbow Six Siege gameplay trailer is out, and sure enough, more breaching. Flashbangs and door charges are back in full force. No wall is too much wall for our favorite counter-terrorist team.

Here’s the catch, though. There’s no single player campaign in Siege. All online multiplayer. Which means, less time spent on annoying missions that you have to complete only because you spent $70 on the game. If you’re shelling out that much cash for this FPS, you should already know it ain’t got single player campaign.

Breaching is a slow endeavor. Gotta get in position, set the charges, get smoke and/or flashbang ready and then wait for it…boom, go in. Slows the game down, so I really don’t see the joy in it. Forget the artistry, just give me a RPG and I’ll put a hole on that wall.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows on December 1, 2015.

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  1. Mike

    Man, I remember playing Rainbox Six way back when and Rogue Spear when that came out. Brings back memories. The graphics have sure come around though…


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