Divinity Original Sin Combat Trailer — Take that, Frosty!

By | October 20, 2015

The console combat trailer for Divinity Original Sin isn’t about the combat. It’s all about the monsters. There are round ones, furry ones, squishy ones, and…snowmen.

Yes, snowmen! Don’t believe me? Go to 1:34 of the trailer. Yep, snowmen, complete with carrot noses. Crunch!

And how do you whack snowmen? Melt them, of course. We’ve got our hero actually saying, “Fire it up!” Now, that’s a good ol Frosty-melting swell time.

There’s also a crustacean sighting at 2:26. Big hermit crab things. And armadillos, a devil, a dragon, wolves, trolls and lots of spiders. All accumulates to a successful career in pest control.

Divinity Original Sin is out October 27 on Xbox One and PS4.

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