Monthly Archives: October 2015

No Man’s Sky “I’ve Seen Things” Trailer — When will we see the game?

No Man’s Sky is finally here…almost. Actually, there are still 8 more months before the game’s release (June 2016), but who’s counting? I am! I first wrote about No Man’s Sky in December of 2013. And then again in December of 2014. And then again this year in July. I’m writing about it now…October 2015.… Read More »

Divinity Original Sin Combat Trailer — Take that, Frosty!

The console combat trailer for Divinity Original Sin isn’t about the combat. It’s all about the monsters. There are round ones, furry ones, squishy ones, and…snowmen. Yes, snowmen! Don’t believe me? Go to 1:34 of the trailer. Yep, snowmen, complete with carrot noses. Crunch! And how do you whack snowmen? Melt them, of course. We’ve… Read More »

Halo 5: Guardians Gameplay Launch Trailer — Forget Master Chief, where is the Split Screen?

All is not well in Halo-land. Colonies are attacked and Master Chief is AWOL. Where in the galaxy is Master Chief Petty Officer John-117? It’s up to Agent Locke and his team to find him. The new Halo 5: Guardians launch trailer shows some serious multi-player action. Online campaign mode is the key here. Blue… Read More »

Far Cry Primal Reveal Trailer — Don’t Piss Off the Mammoths!

Far Cry loves elephants…and their ancestors.  Far Cry 4 had crazy elephants.  Far Cry Primal has crazy mammoths.  And a saber tooth tiger.  Yep, we’re talking Stone Age. The Far Cry Primal Official trailer has stone, and wood and arrows, too.  None of the firepower we saw in previous Far Crys.  Not too much blowing… Read More »

Madden Mobile 16 Tips: How to set your Defensive Strategy

This post is for Madden Mobile 16.  For Madden Mobile 17, click on this link: Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success. To succeed in league or head-to-head play, you need to have a strong defensive strategy. Here are some tips on which plays to counter in Madden Mobile 16. Also, here are some of my… Read More »