Madden Mobile 16 Tips: How to Win Live Events

By | September 30, 2015

This post is for Madden Mobile 16.  For Madden Mobile 17, click on this link: Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success.

If you’re having trouble with Live Events on Mobile Madden 16, I feel your pain. Here are some tips to get you up-field.

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Top Pass Plays

Top Run Plays

Passing: Yardage and Receptions

These events require passing for yardage, completing X number of passes, or completing X number of passes in a row. To complete these, all you need is your Y, the Tight End, and just one play: TE Corner.

madden mobile 16 video game

Give it to your TE: Y for Yardage.

For the yardage events, chuck it to your TE every time. Touch doesn’t matter. Timing doesn’t matter. Just chuck it, he’ll catch it. Also use HB Angle. Same thing, hurl it to your TE. He’ll come down with it.

For the events that require completions, use TE Corner and look to your WR first on the curl. If the CB is playing tight or the OLB covers the flat, then throw to your TE.

madden mobile 16 video game

TE Corner every time

Passing: Complete before MLB sacks you

The objective here is to pass to your receiver before the MLB sacks you. The MLB is on a Mississippi count like schoolyard football. It’s usually 2, 1.5, 1 or .5 seconds. When the timer expires, he’ll rush you. You have to complete several passes to win the event. The play is usually FL Drag with your WRs only.   You don’t have to hit all your receivers, so go to the same guy each time.

The key is to hit your receiver on the break and with a tight pass – don’t lob it. Go to the receiver with the earliest break. On the FL drag, it’ll be the X, the receiver on your right. If the timer is at .5, you won’t have time for him to make a clean cut or throw a bullet. Scramble your QB back and to the right and release the ball soon as you can.

Passing: Primary Receiver

This event asks you to pass to a designated receiver. To win, you have to pass to all of the receivers within a limited number of chances. The play varies with each event. There’s not much technique here. When the ball’s snapped, throw it to the guy the game wants you to throw it to. On the more difficult routes, it’s often just a numbers game.

Passing: Receiver in Zone

There are variations to this live event. Some have the zones moving. Some require passing to several different zones to eliminate it. The easiest version is one that requires passing to the same zone several times. The key is to recognize the sweet spot of each route — usually a break or a soft spot in the zone. Hit that with a bullet pass.

madden mobile 16 video game

Throw a bullet to your receiver on the break.

Obstacle Course

These events require a rush through several different zones. The red zones will slow you down. Blue zones will give you a boost. Running through or around the zones is not the problem. The difficulty is when the event puts defenders in the mix. These guys will get you even if you manage to avoid the red “obstacles”. To beat these bad boys, you need to truck or spin. That’s the hard part since trucking is very random. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. When you approach a defender, swipe up several times – this usually has a better result than going for one well-timed swipe.

madden mobile 16 video game

Swipe up to flatten defenders.

Catch Passes as a Receiver

You’re the receiver, you have to call for the ball, and you have to catch the ball in a zone. This one was a major pain-in-the-rear in Madden Mobile 15. They made it much easier in Madden Mobile 16. There are mainly two variations of this. The first one is run to a zone and catch. The other version requires you to run an actual pattern – knocking out several smaller zones in order – before catching the ball in the bigger zone.

The first one is very easy – run toward the zone, call for the ball right before you enter the zone. On short routes, tight pass. On long routes, lob.

The second variation is way more difficult, especially when there’s a comeback route. The comeback route requires you to run through the zone and then come back to the zone, usually with your TE. Its slow-developing and it’s a pain to bring the guy back and have the QB not overthrow the zone. The key here is patience. Your QB won’t get sacked, usually. So, run your TE through all the small zones, bring him back and once he’s just about set, then call for the ball.

Oklahoma Drill

I haven’t Googled it, but I’m guessing it’s called the Oklahoma drill because the Oklahoma Sooners created it…?

You’re either the MLB or the RB. If you’re the MLB, tackle the RB. If you’re the RB, score a TD. The first one is easy. Don’t wait for the RB like the game tells you to. Once the ball is snapped, hit the RB at the line of scrimmage. If you don’t, the RB will break your ankles.

madden mobile 16 video game

Hit the RB at the line of scrimmage.

The RB variation is more difficult. You have to truck, which is a pain to do consistently. Snap the ball and swipe up like crazy. Sometimes he’ll truck or spin, other times he won’t. It’s very difficult to swipe up with precision, at least on my iPhone.

Run through Zones

The objective of the first type is to run through 11 zones on 3 or 4 plays. If you don’t get tackled, you’ll accomplish this in one play. Most dive plays are easy – look for hole, run through hole. The toss or counter plays are more difficult. You may have to dodge or truck a linebacker.

The second time has one zone and you have to enter it on several different plays. Not difficult, no trucking needed.

Team Events – Comeback (Domination, Legacy, etc)

madden mobile 16 video game

It’s late in the game, you’re down and need to rally. These events range from very easy to very difficult. The five-star variety is Hall-of-Fame tier level, but more difficult because you’re on the clock. Some of these events give you two quarters to work with, others only a 45-second 4th. There are many variations on score, time and gameplay. Sometimes you have to score a TD, others only require a FG.

The biggest factor is the clock. You don’t want to run out and you don’t want to leave too much. If you start in the 3rd Quarter, run 2 or 3 times to end the quarter. In the fourth, run your plays normally until you get into the red zone. If you just need a field goal, run the clock down as much as possible once you get into range. If you need a touchdown, get inside the five, then run the clock down and QB Sneak for the score. If you break free with too much time on the clock, make sure to stop inside the five yard line. Don’t score with too much time left. If you have to kickoff, kick down the middle, which usually takes more time off the clock.

madden mobile 16 video game

Run out the clock in the 3rd, win it in the 4th.

Team Events (Shutout)

You’re on defense and need a shutout. This one is very difficult since the other team passes with surprising precision. You have to go for the pick. Don’t go for sacks. When the ball is in the air, swipe up repeatedly to increase your chances for a pick.

Stay in the Zone and Score a Touchdown

This is the most difficult and most annoying live event ever created. There’s a big green circle and your running back is inside it. It jerks around this way and that and you can’t step out. This might not be too difficult on console, but on an iPhone, big-time pain. Try to stay in the middle and anticipate the crazy green circle’s moves. If it’s going right, get ready to go left. If it’s going up, it probably will jerk to the side at some point. Annoying!

Need more annoying? You have to score a touchdown.

More annoying? There’s sometimes a defender at the goal line. If you get that far, swipe up to truck him.

madden mobile 16 video game

Requires patience and finger dexterity.

Kick Return and Punt Return Yards

These events ask you to return X number of yards on special teams. The key to this event is your return man. Have a fast one. He can be a Bronze or Silver player, as long as he’s fast. Speed will win this.

madden mobile 16 video game

Speed is the answer.

Field Goals

You need a kicker with a kick power of 85 or higher to make this easy. Kick from the left, kick from the right, kick from far away. The “far away” is tough if your kicker has a weak leg.

Live Events are the key to building a strong team and moving up in the ranks. Hope these tips help. If you have others, please list them. Happy Maddening!

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