Kill Me Again Infectors Review — NEVER walk backwards in a Zombie-infested world!

By | September 28, 2015

Game Experience: Low

Game Value: Low

Quiche’s Recommendation: Wanna whack zombies? Play Walking Dead Road to Survival instead.

How many more zombie-whackers do we need? Never enough, I guess. Here’s another mobile F2P zap-a-zombie.

Kill Me Again Infectors is a jewel puzzle game but instead of jewels, you have bullets. Pretty colorful bullets. Match 3 or more and your character shoots zombies. Match enough bullets and you get special attacks, combos…you get the idea.

kill me again mobile video game

Match bullets to kill zombies.

The game is actually kind of fun…the first couple times. And then it’s not fun. It’s repetitive, it’s random, it’s very quick. You spend more time preparing than playing. It’s like track and field back in high school. Spend all week preparing, sit for hours on the day of the meet, and then boom, 15 seconds and it’s over. That was it. Kill Me Again is like that. Prep, equip, upgrade, improve, and then zap! Zombies dead, round finished. Back to prep, equip, upgrade and improve. Zap! I hated track and field.

kill me again mobile video game

More prep than play.

And the gameplay itself is weak. After all, you’re rearranging bullets. And things move so fast, you don’t have time to enjoy what’s happening – your character could be using the most awesome weapon but you won’t know the difference because your eyeballs are fixated on these darn bullets. I understand wanting to keep things fast, but this is a game that could benefit by slowing down the action. If I gave my character a brand new Katana – especially if I spent real money for it — I want to see that thing slicing through undead flesh. I don’t wanna look at these lousy bullets!

kill me again mobile video game

I didn’t actually see her use this awesome weapons because I was looking at bullets…sad, very sad.

And what’s with the back-pedaling? The whole time, your guy or gal back-pedals while zombies approach you in your line of fire. Apparently, the number one rule of the zombie-genre doesn’t apply here. That is, NEVER ever back-pedal in a zombie-infested world because sure enough, zombies WILL get you from behind. But no worries here.

kill me again mobile video game

Back-pedaling is ok in this zombie-world.

As for characters, you choose from one of three: Advanced Soldier, Researcher, and Hit Woman. The Researcher is the most interesting. She’s a scientist and whacks zombies with her med kit, and then sprays perfume on herself to celebrate victories. That’s cool.

kill me again mobile video game

The Researcher rewards herself by spraying perfume all over her face.

There’s also a story element to it, which adds to…really nothing. Who really pays attention to these F2P stories anyway, especially when it means scrolling through dense text?

kill me again mobile video game

Who reads this stuff?

Overall, the game isn’t worth investing too much of your time. It needs to slow down and each round has to go much longer with more variety. Maybe there’s something interesting later in the stages, but I couldn’t get that far. This F2P is already off my phone.

kill me again mobile video game

kill me again mobile video game

kill me again mobile video game

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