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By | September 22, 2015

This post is for Madden Mobile 16.  For Madden Mobile 17, click on this link: Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success.

The passing game is what separates the men from the boys. The best Madden Mobile 16 players know how to pass. They’ll carve up defenses like Thanksgiving. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not one of those players. That is, you’re like me, an average player trying to find a way to move up the ladder.

Well, I made it to Top 100. I’m a run-first guy, not by choice, but because I’m terrible in the passing game. But to win in Madden Mobile 16, you need some passing. Here are the Top 5 Passing plays to help you when you need to chuck it.

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Top Rushing Plays

1) Motion Y Shallow

madden mobile 16 video game

This play is valuable because it’s rarely countered and it’s a home run play. Against the right defense, it’ll easily give you an 80-yard TD. Run this play on a short yardage situation, usually on third or fourth down.

It’s called Y shallow, but the Y, the Tight End, is your outlet. Your primary receiver is the HB. He’ll motion to a slot and then take off on a streak. Almost like Arena football if you time it right. If you catch the defense on a run blitz or short yardage zone (watch the Safeties), your HB will easily get past the secondary. Chuck it to him far as you can…easy TD.

If the defense is in deep zone or a man on the HB, look to your TE. He should be open for 5 yards and a first down. Be careful if there’s a man covering the flat – if you throw to your TE then, it’ll be Pick 6.

madden mobile 16 video game

Your HB will motion, he will streak, he will score.

2) HB Option

madden mobile 16 video game

Any play that has your TE on a streak is a good play. Your TE will often beat the LB or whoever is covering him, and even if it gets picked, the chances of Pick 6 are low. Run the HB Option when you need big yards. It’s very simple, hike the ball, hurl it to your TE on the streak. Even at the Hall of Fame tier, the chances of your TE coming down with it is pretty high. If you see the defense pulling back on Prevent, look to your HB. He’ll either be right in front of you or on an out route.

3) Seam 678

madden mobile 16 video game

Seam 678 is a good low tier or high tier play. It’s usually countered in the mid tiers. It develops very slowly so you’ll need to scramble out of the pocket. Move your QB to the strong side and hit your TE on the corner. In League or Season games, you can also wait for the WR on the seam. It’ll take him a while to get up field but it’s a home run if you have time to chuck it to him.

4) HB Angle

madden mobile 16 video game

This play gets countered about 70% of the time, usually in the mid tiers. It’s another TE streak play. Hike the ball, throw the ball to your TE. He’ll come down with it surprisingly quite often. It’s also a good play to run in Live Events. Toss it to your TE or the HB on the slant to win completion or TD events.

5) TE Corner and FL Drag

madden mobile 16 video game

I’m combining these two plays because you most likely won’t use it very often outside of Live Events, League Play or Season games. These two plays are almost always countered in Rivalry games. Both plays are good for Live Events that require TDs or completions. Use the FL Drag for short-yardage TD events. Toss it to your WR and he’ll walk in to the end zone.

The TE Corner is the only play I run for long-yardage TD events or completion events. Look to your WR on the curl first. If the CB is playing tight or a LB covers the flat, chuck it to your TE. He’ll catch it 90% of the time.

madden mobile 16 video game

Hit your WR and he’ll walk it home.

To win consistently in Madden Mobile 16, you need to run the ball first, pass second. When you do need to throw, use the plays above to increase your chances of success. Happy passing, see you on the field!

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