Madden Mobile 16 Tips for Success: Rivalry Rankings

By | September 1, 2015

This post is for Madden Mobile 16.  For Madden Mobile 17 go here:

Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success: Head-to-Head Rivalry Games


I’m an average Madden Mobile player but I made Top 100 in Rivalry Rankings last season and am currently in the Top 100 now. If you’re a beginner or an average player, here are 10 tips to help you climb the head-to-head ladder in Madden Mobile 16. (Tips on league and live event play coming soon!)

madden mobile 16 video game

Climbing on up!

1) Fans, fans, fans!

Real NFL owners often forget this, but it’s all about the fans. Fans will help you rise in the rankings. Not points, not money, not team ratings, not even wins. This is your mission statement: win the crowd, win the crown.

2) Play a ton of games

The Rivalry system is designed to give you fans if you simply play. Even if you lose a game, the odds are you’ll gain fans because the penalty for failures is less severe than the reward for successes. For example, if you lose 100 fans on a turnover, you’ll gain 200 if you score on the next drive. You also gain fans if your opponent fails a drive. So, the chances of you acquiring fans are high if you just play.

madden mobile 16 video game

Here I lost 3 of 5 but had a net gain in fans.

3) Choose your opponent wisely

Yes, play a lot of games, but there are thousands of Madden Mobile players so be selective. Avoid opponents with high ratings because no matter how good you are, your players will fumble and your defense will get run. Also, avoid ringers when challenged. How do you recognize a ringer? Check the film and if they scored on you efficiently with a strong passing game, then decline that challenge. Don’t let lost fans suck you in – that’s a sunk cost. You’ll lose more if you accept.

madden mobile 16 video game

The 50K fans I lost to Doc is a sunk cost. His team will crush me. I’m declining his challenge.

4) Be Conservative

Run first, pass only if you have to. Passing has become much more difficult in Madden Mobile 16. Requires more touch, more precision. You need to be Bruce Lee to pass consistently. At some point, you’ll get there but if you’re reading this, you’re probably not there yet. The odds of getting picked or sacked are very high, especially in the higher tiers. Run, run, run, and then run some more. Pass only if you’re in a 4th and long situation or if all your run plays are countered. And pass to your tight end on a streak or corner – these passes are least likely to get pick-sixed.

If you do decide to pass in other situations, throw on non-passing downs, such as 2nd and short or 4th and short.

madden mobile 16 video game

Passing is hard.

5) Kick the ball

The kicking game is very important. Again, you’re going for fans, not wins. The odds of hitting a field goal are much higher than converting a first down even in short yardage situations. So, even if it’s 4 and 1 at the 2 yard line, don’t go for it. Don’t do it. Discipline yourself and go for the kick. You might lose the game and lose several thousand fans, but you’ll lose a lot more if you don’t kick that field goal. We’re playing the odds here – kicking the FG from the 2 is close to 100%. Converting the 4 and 1 is much lower than 100%.

6) Don’t spend money at the auction

You don’t need a high-rated team to climb the rankings. In fact, it works against you because you’ll get matched with teams at the same level. That means you’ll play against tougher opponents. Buy Pro Packs and build your team slowly – no need to rush and spent $50K+ at the auction.

There is one exception…

7) Get a good kicker

The kicker is the only player you should buy at the auction early on. Kick Power (KP) is most important. A kicker with 90+ KP will shorten your field significantly. A 90 KP will allow you to kick 40-45 yard field goals. That means you can kick from the 35 yard line as opposed to the 25 yard line with a kicker under 90 KP. Those ten yards translate to millions of fans.

madden mobile 16 video game

The kicker is your best friend.

8) Don’t forget your Defensive Strategy

Set your Global Counters and then set the opponent-specific counters after each drive. Early on, counter the basic plays such as HB Dive WK, Hail Mary, Deep Attack and TE Corner. In later tiers, players will avoid those plays so adjust counters accordingly. Study the film after each drive and try to anticipate your opponent’s game plan.

madden mobile 16 video game

Good defensive strategy = lots of fans.

9) Always touchback

On the kickoff, if you’re KR is standing in the end zone, hit that button that says, “Fair Catch”. It’ll give you an automatic 20 yards. Don’t try to run it out – you’ll end up on the 10 or 15 yard line.

madden mobile 16 video game

Hit the fair catch button. Trust me, you won’t make it to 20 any other way.

10) Go for two

You don’t get fans for PATs. The two-point conversion is also much easier than last season. The QB Sneak is automatic if it’s not countered. So, go for two almost every time. The only situations where you’d kick are if all your go-to plays are countered or if kicking will win you the game. If it’s tied 6-6 and it’s the last drive of the game, by all means, kick it and get the win. Otherwise, run the two.

At some point, you’ll need to figure out what works best for you, but stay disciplined, go for fans, and you’ll make your way up the rankings. Happy Maddening!

37 thoughts on “Madden Mobile 16 Tips for Success: Rivalry Rankings

  1. Anonymous

    What I really hate is when I go for the damn HB plunge the freaking DE or LB passes the freaking OG like he is freaking Derrick Thomas and always sacks my HB. What I freaking hate in season when my CB or S don’t catch a pic because it bounced of their head. What I hate that sucky Defensive Lineman are able to some how outrun the whole offensive line in a second before I freaking throw the ball. Damn EA has to fix this freaking DE has like 58 overall speed and they freaking look like they became the next Bo Jackson.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks, but just letting you know always auction because what ever player you place with the one from the auction, auction it and also how the hell your going to be good if you have no good players. If I only did head to head and not season it would take me years to get days or maybe a weeks to get 30,000 coins. Because each time you win a season the next season the teamshave higher overall ratings. And if you are a 60 overall trying to go versus a 70 overall on season this is a pretty good chance you are going to loose, believe auction and play season if you want to earn money quick.

  3. Wesley Engler

    I joined a league my league members all ways decline me or let the time expire. I’m ranked 24 in my league and not been able to move up because they won’t play me exce

    pt for one guy who’s ranked 12th and when i beat him I still don’t move up in my league and the 2 guys ahead of me don’t ever play me What’s going on

    1. TI

      After the introduction of in-league tournaments, that has become the only way to move up. And it changes every time — if you win one tournament, you’re only guaranteed to be ranked no. 1 until another tournament starts. To stay at the top, you’d have to continue winning every in-league tournament.

  4. LordLucky

    I want thank you for all the information it help me become hall of famer.

  5. Joseph

    I’m a 95 overall and trying to get 10 mil fans, how do I do it? Everyone declines me

    1. Anonymous

      You still gain fans if you score on the first drive, even if the opponent declines.

  6. Anonymous

    This is the first I have had the game so I am still learning it but It isnt so hard. I play way more season than Head to Head but have 4.6 million fans. I found an 85 HB with a very high catch rating that I often used as a 5th receiver, i regret selling him. I do my running with an 86 FB who has 98 strength and can truck over the opposing line pretty easily. He also has a 94 run block so occasionally i have my HB trail him but the FB probably does 80% of the running. I dont shy away from passing either. I use 90 philip rivers whose mid throw is 92. I really dont know how people have a difficult time with H2H but maybe next season when I am used to how it works now I will feel your pain in adjusting.

  7. Xelistren

    I would like to make a few statements here.

    “5) Kick the ball”
    You will get fans anyways as long as you don’t turnover the ball. At the 50 yard line you are at the X0 fans marker, and it progresses to X1/2 fans if you manage to get inches from the goal line. If you don’t have the most reliable defense you have to try for the TD, or you will lose the match which typically holds a hefty penalty.
    “6) Don’t spend money at the auction”
    Wrong. you will need to build up your team for the other areas and if ya follow my simple 6 step plan it doesn’t effect your head to head.

    Everything else I can’t argue with.

    Easy Head to Head matches.

    1.)Buy the lowest player for every spot.
    2.)Place them into your team, you should drop down to high 50s to low 60s.
    3.)Restart the game, the game won’t notice the change of your overall until you force it to refresh.
    4.)Start you max games, but don’t play them. You can “save and exit” on the opening kickoff.
    5.)Go to your team management screen and press best team.
    6.)Win all started matches for easy fans.

    I have 2 friends I gave this to and both gained 3m fans in under 24 hours.

    1. Anonymous

      So you basically scam the system for an easy win? You tool… just play the game as it’s meant to be played. Loser.

  8. J.T. Fey

    I agree with the angry posters here. I think in the last 10-12 games I’ve scored maybe three TDs. Impossible to run even though my OTs and OGs are 90 and my center is 87. And passing is worse.

    I can see the reason for counters, but how many times in NFL games do you see the QB sacked before he’s dropped back two steps. Ridiculous. Even the poorest NFL offenses are able to move the ball somewhat. EA has to fix the realism in this game. The fun part is moving the football and that’s become near impossible.

    Of course, I built my offense first and that’s not working out too well. In every game I play my players are better in 8-10 offensive positions. And yet, I can’t do a damn thing. Can’t run and get sacked every play unless I’m in Shotgun and throwing a short pattern.

    Totally frustrated with the game.

    1. xelistren

      Check the stats of your line. If they are a 90+ they can still have 60s in their block stats or a 40 in their strength. if either of these are true then you pulled a dud.

  9. Madden gamer

    I’m currently at 20 million fans. Until I got Ahman Green, a few days ago, I didn’t run at all. I made use of short high percentage throwing plays like hb angle, cross in, slot in drag, and motion y shallow. Try and find 2 that aren’t countered and alternate them. Now that I have an elite rb, I mix in a lot more hb counter strong. I also only kick field goals if I am forced to

  10. Anonymous


    1. Anonymous

      Dude what the fuck. Im almost hall of fame and yes its hard. Just rely on your defense if you cant score. A tip is when you challenge people try and challenge lower levels so they cant challenge your plays. Now you clearly suck if your stuck at 800 fans but good luck

    2. Anonymous

      You suck dick if you can’t get over 800 fans… You’re probably running countered plays.

  11. Anonymous

    I agree cuh. Im a 5.5 mil and h2h is hell. If i score 1 touchdown i basically win because its near impossible to score. Run plays cant do shit. My line gets bent over from even the worst fucking d linemen. Shits so hard the OBJ is not worth it.

  12. Anonymous

    I feel you all! I’m stuck just below 2M. I get 95% of my fans from my D and only about 2 out of ten people will even play me even if I don’t score. I have it start all the matches! The worse part is when you don’t score and the other guy does running the same exact play everytime! My HB has 97 carry but if I do a running play more then 3 times in a row, I fumble! I’m trying to figure out how to pick matches, it may look like my team is dominant, but I’ve been shut out by all bronze and gold teams!

    1. xelistren

      Teams may look good when ya only look at the overall of the team and the players, but it is a bad joke.
      your blocks and your strength are way more important for your C, OG, OT, and FB then speed is due to them not really needing to move much.
      Your HB needs high trucking, elusiveness, speed, and agility, Carry is nice but if either trucking or elusiveness are low then your HB will fumble more often.
      Your TE and WR both need Jump (TEs it is hidden if I remember correctly.) catch, awareness, and speed. Also never pass to a WR unless they are on the outside and ahead of the CB by a good 5 to 10 yards, it will be intercepted most of the time if either of these are not correct. For your TE have them inside and closer then the S, if they are outside the CB get it and if they are beyond the S he will snatch it.
      Your QB needs power and accuracy, other then that have them like a HB.

      Right now the best Elites to get are League (+1 Awareness/all), Flashback (+1 random stat & 2% XP), Game changers (+2 random stat, -1 random stat.), and special release other then Captain (+2 random stat/same team listing) and MVP (+2 random stat/ same team listing & 1% coins)

      Basically run team boosting players so you have a player with a normal rating of 90 sitting at 99.

  13. Anthony Brickman

    Okay I have made it to Hall of Fame status and this is a great article except for 2 things. As I got into higher tiers running was literally impossible. Most of the people I played had all the good run plays countered and even if they didn’t some d lineman would always blocks head and I would get hardly anything. Even bronze lineman would blocks head my elite guys with ease (don’t ask how I got matched up as a team of elite against bronzes that’s something to figure out on your own). Anyways the article is right, deep passes are also near impossible. I have 99 Gronk and still in most 1-1 situations the safety would get a pick if I did like HB angle or Hail Mary. What I found works best was short routes but even those require exact timing on bullet passes or you’ll throw a pick. I also found in the higher tiers it was better to kick the pat because the higher tiers make even domination seem easy, and I won many games in the high tiers by 1-3 points because I would take the easy 1 point and my opponent would fail the 2 point conversion.

    1. Alex Park Post author

      I’m currently ranked #70 overall (Gamequiche) and I’m still running the ball 90% of the time. HB Pitch is still the go-to play as well as Counter Strong and Toss. See my post on Top Run Plays. On 3rd and Long, run the Plunge. I only pass on 4th down and agreed, it’s crap shoot. See my post on Top Pass Plays. I agree with you on PAT now. I only go for 2 if I know for sure QB Sneak or Dives are not countered. Yeah, definitely, kick it as a default. Congrats on Gronk!

      1. xelistren

        Ya know that those plays have a visible counter on the extra point right. just select them if you see the counter the switch for the kick, by resetting the game.

    2. Joakes

      Agreed. Leave it EA to fuck this up and take the fun out of it. There is no consistent running the ball. Fucking cb and safeties with a 190″ vertical. Fat fucking lineman that can chase a running back down. Fucking mlb that can dive 15 yes to break up a pass. Fuck EA sports. Those fuckers designed it so by the time you get OBJ you will have no time to enjoy him before they do their fucking factory reset for the next season. This will be my last year playing. EA can suck my ass!!

  14. Screwyou

    Too bad the high tiers are fucking bullshit and everything I do makes me lose fans. Fuck H2H Im only playing this shit because of the 99 OBJ. Whoever thought that making a set like this is a good idea FUCK YOU. Forcing H2H on us is fucking stupid. Im stuck at just below 2 million fans and just can’t get to 2 million. I’ve tried runs, short and long passes nothing works. FUCK THIS GAME AND FUCK THE RESET.

    1. Anonymous

      I totally agree and not only are you forced into H2H, You have to get 10 million fans to complete it!!!!!!!! Effing impossible. I hate H2H also. They should have made it like 5 million and that would have been flipping tough!


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