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Madden Mobile 16 Tips: How to Win Live Events

This post is for Madden Mobile 16.  For Madden Mobile 17, click on this link: Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success.

If you’re having trouble with Live Events on Mobile Madden 16, I feel your pain. Here are some tips to get you up-field.

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Top Pass Plays

Top Run Plays

Passing: Yardage and Receptions

These events require passing for yardage, completing X number of passes, or completing X number of passes in a row. To complete these, all you need is your Y, the Tight End, and just one play: TE Corner.

madden mobile 16 video game

Give it to your TE: Y for Yardage.

For the yardage events, chuck it to your TE every time. Touch doesn’t matter. Timing doesn’t matter. Just chuck it, he’ll catch it. Also use HB Angle. Same thing, hurl it to your TE. He’ll come down with it.

For the events that require completions, use TE Corner and look to your WR first on the curl. If the CB is playing tight or the OLB covers the flat, then throw to your TE.

madden mobile 16 video game

TE Corner every time

Passing: Complete before MLB sacks you

The objective here is to pass to your receiver before the MLB sacks you. The MLB is on a Mississippi count like schoolyard football. It’s usually 2, 1.5, 1 or .5 seconds. When the timer expires, he’ll rush you. You have to complete several passes to win the event. The play is usually FL Drag with your WRs only.   You don’t have to hit all your receivers, so go to the same guy each time.

The key is to hit your receiver on the break and with a tight pass – don’t lob it. Go to the receiver with the earliest break. On the FL drag, it’ll be the X, the receiver on your right. If the timer is at .5, you won’t have time for him to make a clean cut or throw a bullet. Scramble your QB back and to the right and release the ball soon as you can.

Passing: Primary Receiver

This event asks you to pass to a designated receiver. To win, you have to pass to all of the receivers within a limited number of chances. The play varies with each event. There’s not much technique here. When the ball’s snapped, throw it to the guy the game wants you to throw it to. On the more difficult routes, it’s often just a numbers game.

Passing: Receiver in Zone

There are variations to this live event. Some have the zones moving. Some require passing to several different zones to eliminate it. The easiest version is one that requires passing to the same zone several times. The key is to recognize the sweet spot of each route — usually a break or a soft spot in the zone. Hit that with a bullet pass.

madden mobile 16 video game

Throw a bullet to your receiver on the break.

Obstacle Course

These events require a rush through several different zones. The red zones will slow you down. Blue zones will give you a boost. Running through or around the zones is not the problem. The difficulty is when the event puts defenders in the mix. These guys will get you even if you manage to avoid the red “obstacles”. To beat these bad boys, you need to truck or spin. That’s the hard part since trucking is very random. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. When you approach a defender, swipe up several times – this usually has a better result than going for one well-timed swipe.

madden mobile 16 video game

Swipe up to flatten defenders.

Catch Passes as a Receiver

You’re the receiver, you have to call for the ball, and you have to catch the ball in a zone. This one was a major pain-in-the-rear in Madden Mobile 15. They made it much easier in Madden Mobile 16. There are mainly two variations of this. The first one is run to a zone and catch. The other version requires you to run an actual pattern – knocking out several smaller zones in order – before catching the ball in the bigger zone.

The first one is very easy – run toward the zone, call for the ball right before you enter the zone. On short routes, tight pass. On long routes, lob.

The second variation is way more difficult, especially when there’s a comeback route. The comeback route requires you to run through the zone and then come back to the zone, usually with your TE. Its slow-developing and it’s a pain to bring the guy back and have the QB not overthrow the zone. The key here is patience. Your QB won’t get sacked, usually. So, run your TE through all the small zones, bring him back and once he’s just about set, then call for the ball.

Oklahoma Drill

I haven’t Googled it, but I’m guessing it’s called the Oklahoma drill because the Oklahoma Sooners created it…?

You’re either the MLB or the RB. If you’re the MLB, tackle the RB. If you’re the RB, score a TD. The first one is easy. Don’t wait for the RB like the game tells you to. Once the ball is snapped, hit the RB at the line of scrimmage. If you don’t, the RB will break your ankles.

madden mobile 16 video game

Hit the RB at the line of scrimmage.

The RB variation is more difficult. You have to truck, which is a pain to do consistently. Snap the ball and swipe up like crazy. Sometimes he’ll truck or spin, other times he won’t. It’s very difficult to swipe up with precision, at least on my iPhone.

Run through Zones

The objective of the first type is to run through 11 zones on 3 or 4 plays. If you don’t get tackled, you’ll accomplish this in one play. Most dive plays are easy – look for hole, run through hole. The toss or counter plays are more difficult. You may have to dodge or truck a linebacker.

The second time has one zone and you have to enter it on several different plays. Not difficult, no trucking needed.

Team Events – Comeback (Domination, Legacy, etc)

madden mobile 16 video game

It’s late in the game, you’re down and need to rally. These events range from very easy to very difficult. The five-star variety is Hall-of-Fame tier level, but more difficult because you’re on the clock. Some of these events give you two quarters to work with, others only a 45-second 4th. There are many variations on score, time and gameplay. Sometimes you have to score a TD, others only require a FG.

The biggest factor is the clock. You don’t want to run out and you don’t want to leave too much. If you start in the 3rd Quarter, run 2 or 3 times to end the quarter. In the fourth, run your plays normally until you get into the red zone. If you just need a field goal, run the clock down as much as possible once you get into range. If you need a touchdown, get inside the five, then run the clock down and QB Sneak for the score. If you break free with too much time on the clock, make sure to stop inside the five yard line. Don’t score with too much time left. If you have to kickoff, kick down the middle, which usually takes more time off the clock.

madden mobile 16 video game

Run out the clock in the 3rd, win it in the 4th.

Team Events (Shutout)

You’re on defense and need a shutout. This one is very difficult since the other team passes with surprising precision. You have to go for the pick. Don’t go for sacks. When the ball is in the air, swipe up repeatedly to increase your chances for a pick.

Stay in the Zone and Score a Touchdown

This is the most difficult and most annoying live event ever created. There’s a big green circle and your running back is inside it. It jerks around this way and that and you can’t step out. This might not be too difficult on console, but on an iPhone, big-time pain. Try to stay in the middle and anticipate the crazy green circle’s moves. If it’s going right, get ready to go left. If it’s going up, it probably will jerk to the side at some point. Annoying!

Need more annoying? You have to score a touchdown.

More annoying? There’s sometimes a defender at the goal line. If you get that far, swipe up to truck him.

madden mobile 16 video game

Requires patience and finger dexterity.

Kick Return and Punt Return Yards

These events ask you to return X number of yards on special teams. The key to this event is your return man. Have a fast one. He can be a Bronze or Silver player, as long as he’s fast. Speed will win this.

madden mobile 16 video game

Speed is the answer.

Field Goals

You need a kicker with a kick power of 85 or higher to make this easy. Kick from the left, kick from the right, kick from far away. The “far away” is tough if your kicker has a weak leg.

Live Events are the key to building a strong team and moving up in the ranks. Hope these tips help. If you have others, please list them. Happy Maddening!

Kill Me Again Infectors Review — NEVER walk backwards in a Zombie-infested world!

Game Experience: Low

Game Value: Low

Quiche’s Recommendation: Wanna whack zombies? Play Walking Dead Road to Survival instead.

How many more zombie-whackers do we need? Never enough, I guess. Here’s another mobile F2P zap-a-zombie.

Kill Me Again Infectors is a jewel puzzle game but instead of jewels, you have bullets. Pretty colorful bullets. Match 3 or more and your character shoots zombies. Match enough bullets and you get special attacks, combos…you get the idea.

kill me again mobile video game

Match bullets to kill zombies.

The game is actually kind of fun…the first couple times. And then it’s not fun. It’s repetitive, it’s random, it’s very quick. You spend more time preparing than playing. It’s like track and field back in high school. Spend all week preparing, sit for hours on the day of the meet, and then boom, 15 seconds and it’s over. That was it. Kill Me Again is like that. Prep, equip, upgrade, improve, and then zap! Zombies dead, round finished. Back to prep, equip, upgrade and improve. Zap! I hated track and field.

kill me again mobile video game

More prep than play.

And the gameplay itself is weak. After all, you’re rearranging bullets. And things move so fast, you don’t have time to enjoy what’s happening – your character could be using the most awesome weapon but you won’t know the difference because your eyeballs are fixated on these darn bullets. I understand wanting to keep things fast, but this is a game that could benefit by slowing down the action. If I gave my character a brand new Katana – especially if I spent real money for it — I want to see that thing slicing through undead flesh. I don’t wanna look at these lousy bullets!

kill me again mobile video game

I didn’t actually see her use this awesome weapons because I was looking at bullets…sad, very sad.

And what’s with the back-pedaling? The whole time, your guy or gal back-pedals while zombies approach you in your line of fire. Apparently, the number one rule of the zombie-genre doesn’t apply here. That is, NEVER ever back-pedal in a zombie-infested world because sure enough, zombies WILL get you from behind. But no worries here.

kill me again mobile video game

Back-pedaling is ok in this zombie-world.

As for characters, you choose from one of three: Advanced Soldier, Researcher, and Hit Woman. The Researcher is the most interesting. She’s a scientist and whacks zombies with her med kit, and then sprays perfume on herself to celebrate victories. That’s cool.

kill me again mobile video game

The Researcher rewards herself by spraying perfume all over her face.

There’s also a story element to it, which adds to…really nothing. Who really pays attention to these F2P stories anyway, especially when it means scrolling through dense text?

kill me again mobile video game

Who reads this stuff?

Overall, the game isn’t worth investing too much of your time. It needs to slow down and each round has to go much longer with more variety. Maybe there’s something interesting later in the stages, but I couldn’t get that far. This F2P is already off my phone.

kill me again mobile video game

kill me again mobile video game

kill me again mobile video game

Madden Mobile 16 Top Pass Plays

This post is for Madden Mobile 16.  For Madden Mobile 17, click on this link: Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success.

The passing game is what separates the men from the boys. The best Madden Mobile 16 players know how to pass. They’ll carve up defenses like Thanksgiving. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not one of those players. That is, you’re like me, an average player trying to find a way to move up the ladder.

Well, I made it to Top 100. I’m a run-first guy, not by choice, but because I’m terrible in the passing game. But to win in Madden Mobile 16, you need some passing. Here are the Top 5 Passing plays to help you when you need to chuck it.

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Top Rushing Plays

1) Motion Y Shallow

madden mobile 16 video game

This play is valuable because it’s rarely countered and it’s a home run play. Against the right defense, it’ll easily give you an 80-yard TD. Run this play on a short yardage situation, usually on third or fourth down.

It’s called Y shallow, but the Y, the Tight End, is your outlet. Your primary receiver is the HB. He’ll motion to a slot and then take off on a streak. Almost like Arena football if you time it right. If you catch the defense on a run blitz or short yardage zone (watch the Safeties), your HB will easily get past the secondary. Chuck it to him far as you can…easy TD.

If the defense is in deep zone or a man on the HB, look to your TE. He should be open for 5 yards and a first down. Be careful if there’s a man covering the flat – if you throw to your TE then, it’ll be Pick 6.

madden mobile 16 video game

Your HB will motion, he will streak, he will score.

2) HB Option

madden mobile 16 video game

Any play that has your TE on a streak is a good play. Your TE will often beat the LB or whoever is covering him, and even if it gets picked, the chances of Pick 6 are low. Run the HB Option when you need big yards. It’s very simple, hike the ball, hurl it to your TE on the streak. Even at the Hall of Fame tier, the chances of your TE coming down with it is pretty high. If you see the defense pulling back on Prevent, look to your HB. He’ll either be right in front of you or on an out route.

3) Seam 678

madden mobile 16 video game

Seam 678 is a good low tier or high tier play. It’s usually countered in the mid tiers. It develops very slowly so you’ll need to scramble out of the pocket. Move your QB to the strong side and hit your TE on the corner. In League or Season games, you can also wait for the WR on the seam. It’ll take him a while to get up field but it’s a home run if you have time to chuck it to him.

4) HB Angle

madden mobile 16 video game

This play gets countered about 70% of the time, usually in the mid tiers. It’s another TE streak play. Hike the ball, throw the ball to your TE. He’ll come down with it surprisingly quite often. It’s also a good play to run in Live Events. Toss it to your TE or the HB on the slant to win completion or TD events.

5) TE Corner and FL Drag

madden mobile 16 video game

I’m combining these two plays because you most likely won’t use it very often outside of Live Events, League Play or Season games. These two plays are almost always countered in Rivalry games. Both plays are good for Live Events that require TDs or completions. Use the FL Drag for short-yardage TD events. Toss it to your WR and he’ll walk in to the end zone.

The TE Corner is the only play I run for long-yardage TD events or completion events. Look to your WR on the curl first. If the CB is playing tight or a LB covers the flat, chuck it to your TE. He’ll catch it 90% of the time.

madden mobile 16 video game

Hit your WR and he’ll walk it home.

To win consistently in Madden Mobile 16, you need to run the ball first, pass second. When you do need to throw, use the plays above to increase your chances of success. Happy passing, see you on the field!

Madden Mobile 16 Top Rushing Plays

This post is for Madden Mobile 16.  For Madden Mobile 17, click here: Madden Mobile 17 Top Rushing Plays

To win in Madden Mobile 16, you need to run the ball. Especially if you’re an average player like me, passing is incredibly difficult to do at higher levels. Below are the top 5 rushing plays to help you establish the running game.

Also, if you’re mired in Rivalry play, check out my Head-to-Head Tips for Success.  Plus couple other posts to help you out:

Tips for Success: How to use your stamina and money

Top Pass Plays

First of all, several key plays are not listed below. HB Dive WK, HB Blast, QB Sneak, HB Slant, HB Dive, and FB Dive are all effective plays, but by the time you reach higher levels, these plays will most likely be countered. So you will need other go-to rushing plays.

1) HB Pitch

madden mobile 16 video game

This play will be countered 50% of the time. When not countered, you’ll average about 4 yards per carry. The key to the play is the cut back. Sweep out then use your blockers to cut back up field. Against the Nickel, no cut back needed. Sweep out for 10-15 yards. The play is very weak against the goal-line defense. Once you get inside the 5 yard line, you’ll need to pound it in with something else.

madden mobile 16 video game

Go up field soon as you can.

2) HB Plunge

madden mobile 16 video game

This play will most likely not be countered. This is a highly effectively third-and-long play against a nickel or dime defense. It’s horrible against the 4-3 or 3-4. It’s like HB Slam from Madden Mobile 15 – automatic TFL against 7 in the box. Against dime or nickel, simply dive right down the middle and you’ll gain 10 yards or more.

madden mobile 16 video game

Against Nickel or Dime, the Plunge will get you big yards.

3) HB Counter STR

madden mobile 16 video game

Very unlikely to be countered. The Counter Strong is an effective play for both short and long yardage. The key to the play is the DE. If he breaks out, you need to dive between the tackle. You’ll only gain 4 yards at most, but it’s better than TFL. If the DE stays in, kick it outside. If the LB or Safety is not run blitzing, you’ll get big yardage.

madden mobile 16 video game

Read the DE, make your move.

4) HB Toss

madden mobile 16 video game

This play is occasionally countered but even if it is, it usually won’t result in TFL. You won’t gain big yardage with this play, either, but if run consistently, you’ll get 3-4 yards per carry. Like the Pitch, sweep out then cut up as soon as you have an opening. The longer you wait to cut, the greater your chances for no gain.

madden mobile 16 video game

Sweep out, go up.

5) 45 Base

madden mobile 16 video game

This play is never countered. It’s a good third and long play against the nickel or dime. It won’t gain much against 4-3 or 3-4, but it’s a safe play to run when nothing else is working. It’s the best rushing play out of the Shotgun. It’s most effective down the middle. You can also sweep outside like Off Tackle, but it’s high-risk, low-reward.

madden mobile 16 video game

When all fails, go base.

That’s it, hope this helps. Oh, and it’s good to have a fast running back. Speed is better than strength running these plays. Keep at it and I’ll see you on the green.

Madden Mobile 16 – Tips for Success: How to use your stamina and money

This post is for Madden Mobile 16.  For Madden Mobile 17, click on this link: Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success.

Resources are limited in Madden Mobile 16. Stamina and money run out quick, so spend wisely. If you’re starting out, here are a few tips to get you going.

1) Don’t hit the auction. Especially at the beginning of the season. The auction is expensive and there’s no real benefit to getting top notch players early unless you’re just collecting players. Wait until Spring when supply will have increased and prices dropped. For now, spend your money on Pro-Packs. There is one exception to the no-auction rule: get a kicker early if your main goal is rivalry play. Check out why in my post, “Tips for Success: Rivalry Rankings”.

Disagree?  You think the auction is the greatest invention since the forward pass?  Read my article on why you don’t really need the auction.

2) Buy Pro Packs only. Don’t spend money on other packs like Legends packs or any other packs. You’ll regret it if you do. Some of the “Premium” packs are expensive. Sometimes $70K, and you’ll often get junk. It’s better to buy a Pro Pack six times for that much money. Pro Packs will give you good players. For example, I pulled Aaron Rodgers (Rated 90) from a Pro Pack. I also pulled several Mystery Packs, one of which was Cam Newton (90). I auctioned Aaron Rodgers for $100K and spent all of it on Pro Packs. From the $100K worth of Pro Packs, I pulled Latavius Murray (88), Luke Kuechly (89) and Alex Boone (84). The other players I used toward other sets that resulted in more goodies. Buy Pro Packs.


madden mobile 16 video game

Mystery Pack from a Pro Pack became Cam Newton.

3) Spend Stamina on easy-to-win live events. First of all, win every live event at least once. You get extra cash for first-time wins. And then focus on easy-win, big-return events. Focus first on short-term events like seasonal and other weekly events. And then move onto the recurring live events. Road to Riches is a priority. Do the Ring or News events only if it’s easy to win. Otherwise, win those once and forget about it. Return on those aren’t great and you’ll sit on duplicate News and Ring cards. Play Scrimmages instead. Those give you cards that can be exchanged.

madden mobile 16 video game

Some live events are better than others.

4) Finish the Team Sets. These are relatively easy to complete. Each team requires 3 Bronze Players, 4 Silver Players, 2 Bronze Trophies, and 3 Silver Trophies. May take some time, but if you’re buying Pro Packs like you should, it’ll only take a few weeks to complete all team sets. You receive one Gold and 2500 coins for completing the set – not a great reward but get these sets out of the way, which will help you with your season score at the end of the season.

madden mobile 16 video game

Get Team Sets out of the way.

5) Don’t try to complete Captain Sets. Those will come but no need to hit the auction or tie up Gold players until you’re ready. If and when you receive the team collectible and an elite player to spare, then go for it. Otherwise, let it be, no need to hit the auction block to complete a set that will ultimately result in a Rated 90 team-boost player.

6) Complete the Flashback Pack not Elite Pack. The Elite pack requires 11 Elite, 2 Gold, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze Trophies. The Flashback Pack requires 17 Elite and 7 Gold trophies. Those extra 6 Elite trophies may seem like a lot more, but the payoff is much greater. I received Vince Wilfork (Rated 86) from an Elite pack. I got a Flashback Antrel Rolle (93, Boost: 2% XP, +1 ACC to all) from a Flashback Pack. That’s a huge difference.

madden mobile 16 video game

Elite Packs are okay, but….

madden mobile 16 video game

…Flashback Packs are better.

madden mobile 16 video game

Rolle was the reward for completing a Flashback Pack.

To acquire trophies, but Pro-Packs, use extra players to turn into trophies and then upgrade trophies to Elite.

madden mobile 16 video game

Turn unwanted players into trophies.

7) Join a good league. League play doesn’t require too much stamina. Maybe 3-6 every couple days. But winning league tournaments and head-to-head matches will help you complete achievements and give you cards to complete sets and other rewards. Low investment, ok rewards.

8) Put Gold players up for Auction. Gold Players with ratings under 80 won’t fetch much – I exchange these guys for trophies. Any Gold Player with 80 or above fetch decent cash. Sell and then use the cash on Pro-Packs.

9) Play Seasons only if you really want to. I’m not a big fan of season play. Too much stamina and time. It’s a good way to practice plays, and you get $1500, but to complete an entire season is grueling. Play Seasons to get achievements and a few cards, but focus stamina and your time on other pursuits.

10) Most of all, keep playing the game! See you on the field.

The Monolith: An Interactive Experience on Kickstarter — What is that Big Black Thing?

The Monolith is that big black thing from that trippy movie from long time ago about the future. Many of us who saw “2001: A Space Odyssey” may not remember much about the film itself, but we remember the red talking dot and of course, the big black thing. No one really remembers the story. It’s difficult to remember a movie when you were stratosphere-high watching it. One of the classic stoner movies of the twentieth century…so I’ve heard.

If you weren’t high watching the film, and you actually paid attention, it was one darn good movie. A classic even without weed. And the monolith is that one big black stain in your brain after walking out of the theater. What the heck is that big black thing?

It’s called the Monolith and it was conceived in the books by Arthur C. Clarke from which the movie was adapted. It’s supposed to be some kind of an alien-crafted device to spur low-level species to thrive when they would otherwise go extinct. Okay, so, what exactly is it? Google it and you’ll see a ton of discussions on the Monolith. The movie is over 40 years old and people still talk about it. One of the big non-symbol symbols of film history.

monolity 2001: a space odyssey

What is that big black thing? Apes wondered the same thing…

There’s a game about it, or at least one in development (see video below). The Monolith: An Interactive Experience by Baked Steak Games was recently posted on Kickstarter. Just starting out, it’s asking for $6K by October 20, 2015. It’s “an immersive, philosophical, first-person video game experience loosely based on Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’”.  Not too much detail on the game.  It’s definitely in its pre-historic infancy – far from Star Child level. In fact, part of the funds will go toward hiring a programmer. So, nothing really to write about the game other than that it’s on Kickstarter and it’s a really cool idea.

monolith video game

The Monolith from the game

Back to the Monolith.

Looking at it from a literary/dramatic perspective, the Monolith is an inciting device. Its entry into the story changes the status quo. Monkeys are monkeys. Monolith drops from the sky, and the monkeys make tools and take that first step toward humanity. The tools become advanced. By the time another Monolith pings Earth, the tools can take one of these former-monkeys to Jupiter where they encounter the Monolith again. That then results in another transformation. The humans, who are nearly made extinct by their own tool (HAL, aka the big red dot), transcend once again and the dude becomes the Star Child.

Now you know why this was such a great stoner film.

monolith 2001: a space odyssey

The Monolith in the room

The Monolith is just a big black thing. Many say it’s religion that leads to a state of Nirvana, or heaven, or Valhalla, or whatever. Others have said it is human will, or the essence of humanity, or whatever. To me, it’s just a big black thing. A non-symbol symbol because people seem to want it to be something. Nothing wrong with that. We all look at things and want it to be more, greater than what it really is. That’s how we are and that’s how we’ve evolved. The big black thing is nothing we thought it was, and it’s everything we want it to be.

I do hope Baked Stead Games gets to develop this game. It’s a fantastic idea with many possibilities. Based on the Kickstarter page, it doesn’t seem like they have a clear idea of what this game is or will be, and that’s fine since the Monolith will always be that mysterious big black thing. Too much exposition will destroy it.

2001: a space odyssey star child

Not much to worry about when you’ve achieved the status of Star Child

Total War: Warhammer Cinematic Trailer — These Dwarves belong in Silicon Valley

I’m a Total War purist so when I heard about Total War: Warhammer, I was like what the frigate! Gameplay is one thing but real history is what makes Total War so freaking awesome. Okay, the guys at Creative Assembly do exercise some historical liberty to make a game more interesting (e.g. Egyptians in Total War: Rome fighting on chariots), but there were no dwarves and spider monsters last I checked my history books. But that’s what we get in Total War: Warhammer.

The latest Cinematic Trailer shows us the dwarves. These ain’t your LOTR dwarves, these are the gadget dwarves. The dwarves that are good with machines and engineering. And very innovative. If these dwarves really existed, and they didn’t go extinct, they would probably be in Silicon Valley right now, starting start-ups, making cool gadgets, riding around in Teslas with hot ladies.

The dwarf in the trailer has a helicopter and a gun. At about 1:24 we get a spider monster. He looks like something from the old N64 Zelda games. Very colorful and smiley.

I’m guessing the dwarves are a faction you control and the spiders are not. The cinematic trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but it can’t be that much different than previous TW games: move units, reform, flank, etc, etc.

Total War: Warhammer will probably be fun to play. It might not have the replayability as the previous TWs, but it’ll still be worth the price of admission. But TW is a much more interesting games when based on real history. And there is so much history left unexplored – after all, all history is all war. So I say, leave the fantasy to the fantasy games. There’s so much more history left to be Total-Warred.

Game’s out in 2016.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival Review — Fun zombie-hunting, but zombies are not real zombies

1) Game Experience: Medium

2) Game Value: High

3) Quiche’s Recommendation: A shotgun is more effective against a zombie than a cue stick.

All I know about The Walking Dead comics is that Rick loses his hand. He gets jacked up by the Governor more than he does in the TV series. That alone tells me the comics is much more intense than the show, and much more realistic. When the zombie apocalypse happens, and it’s a definite “when” not “if”, then lots of limbs will go missing. No doubt about that. No one lives unscathed. No one.

In the new mobile F2P, The Walking Dead Road to Survival, most of your characters will be unscathed. Sometimes they’ll die, but they’ll come back – not as undead, but un-undead – that is, they’ll come back to life. They might get messed up by a zombie, but there’s no infection here, they’ll take damage like in any RPG, and then they’ll come back fully healed and ready to deal next round.

walking dead road to survival mobile video game

Walkers look like walkers, but that’s it

The game is based on the comics, not the show, but it’s as unrealistic of a zombie experience as they come. It’s got missing-hand Rick, but that’s it. The walkers could well be orcs or aliens. There’s no infection here. No creepy factor. They move and cause damage just like any bad dude in any RPG.

walking dead road to survival mobile video game

Familiar places from the comics and show

Don’t get me wrong, The Walking Dead Road to Survival is a fun F2P. You have your favorite characters, especially Glenn. There are different classes and a wide variety of weapons and tools. You also have your standard F2P city-building: collect resources to build and upgrade buildings. Don’t want to wait? Pay real money.

walking dead road to survival mobile video game

Build your base to increase your chances of survival

But it’s fun without real money. Zombies are still fun to kill. You also have to battle other people, which is the tougher challenge just like in the comics and TV show.

You also need some strategy since each character has different traits that match up differently with the bad guys’ traits. There’s a rock-paper-scissors effect. For example, Tough (blue) characters are strong against Alert (red) ones but weak against Fast (blue) characters.

walking dead road to survival mobile video game

Know thyself and thy enemy….

Traits also determine the types of weapons a character can carry – for example, Fast Glenn can’t use a gun so he has to whack people with a wrench. Garrett has to use a cue stick even though there’s a shotgun available in your inventory. What the heck!!! Not realistic, but it does make the gameplay more interesting.

walking dead road to survival mobile video game

Guns are better….

Each character also has different Adrenaline Rushes, which is basically a special attack once a meter fills up. Again, standard RPG stuff.

walking dead road to survival mobile video game

Use rushes to your advantage

In addition to the main story campaign, which includes some choose-your-adventure, there are side missions and multiplayer raids and faction battles.

walking dead road to survival mobile video game

Game’s comic book feel is a perk

Overall, it’s a fun F2P to go back to few times a day, but not worth spending your disposable income on. After all, there are dozens of more realistic zombie games are out there that will better prepare you for the inevitable apocalypse.

walking dead road to survival mobile video game


Madden Mobile 16 Tips for Success: Rivalry Rankings

This post is for Madden Mobile 16.  For Madden Mobile 17 go here:

Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success: Head-to-Head Rivalry Games


I’m an average Madden Mobile player but I made Top 100 in Rivalry Rankings last season and am currently in the Top 100 now. If you’re a beginner or an average player, here are 10 tips to help you climb the head-to-head ladder in Madden Mobile 16. (Tips on league and live event play coming soon!)

madden mobile 16 video game

Climbing on up!

1) Fans, fans, fans!

Real NFL owners often forget this, but it’s all about the fans. Fans will help you rise in the rankings. Not points, not money, not team ratings, not even wins. This is your mission statement: win the crowd, win the crown.

2) Play a ton of games

The Rivalry system is designed to give you fans if you simply play. Even if you lose a game, the odds are you’ll gain fans because the penalty for failures is less severe than the reward for successes. For example, if you lose 100 fans on a turnover, you’ll gain 200 if you score on the next drive. You also gain fans if your opponent fails a drive. So, the chances of you acquiring fans are high if you just play.

madden mobile 16 video game

Here I lost 3 of 5 but had a net gain in fans.

3) Choose your opponent wisely

Yes, play a lot of games, but there are thousands of Madden Mobile players so be selective. Avoid opponents with high ratings because no matter how good you are, your players will fumble and your defense will get run. Also, avoid ringers when challenged. How do you recognize a ringer? Check the film and if they scored on you efficiently with a strong passing game, then decline that challenge. Don’t let lost fans suck you in – that’s a sunk cost. You’ll lose more if you accept.

madden mobile 16 video game

The 50K fans I lost to Doc is a sunk cost. His team will crush me. I’m declining his challenge.

4) Be Conservative

Run first, pass only if you have to. Passing has become much more difficult in Madden Mobile 16. Requires more touch, more precision. You need to be Bruce Lee to pass consistently. At some point, you’ll get there but if you’re reading this, you’re probably not there yet. The odds of getting picked or sacked are very high, especially in the higher tiers. Run, run, run, and then run some more. Pass only if you’re in a 4th and long situation or if all your run plays are countered. And pass to your tight end on a streak or corner – these passes are least likely to get pick-sixed.

If you do decide to pass in other situations, throw on non-passing downs, such as 2nd and short or 4th and short.

madden mobile 16 video game

Passing is hard.

5) Kick the ball

The kicking game is very important. Again, you’re going for fans, not wins. The odds of hitting a field goal are much higher than converting a first down even in short yardage situations. So, even if it’s 4 and 1 at the 2 yard line, don’t go for it. Don’t do it. Discipline yourself and go for the kick. You might lose the game and lose several thousand fans, but you’ll lose a lot more if you don’t kick that field goal. We’re playing the odds here – kicking the FG from the 2 is close to 100%. Converting the 4 and 1 is much lower than 100%.

6) Don’t spend money at the auction

You don’t need a high-rated team to climb the rankings. In fact, it works against you because you’ll get matched with teams at the same level. That means you’ll play against tougher opponents. Buy Pro Packs and build your team slowly – no need to rush and spent $50K+ at the auction.

There is one exception…

7) Get a good kicker

The kicker is the only player you should buy at the auction early on. Kick Power (KP) is most important. A kicker with 90+ KP will shorten your field significantly. A 90 KP will allow you to kick 40-45 yard field goals. That means you can kick from the 35 yard line as opposed to the 25 yard line with a kicker under 90 KP. Those ten yards translate to millions of fans.

madden mobile 16 video game

The kicker is your best friend.

8) Don’t forget your Defensive Strategy

Set your Global Counters and then set the opponent-specific counters after each drive. Early on, counter the basic plays such as HB Dive WK, Hail Mary, Deep Attack and TE Corner. In later tiers, players will avoid those plays so adjust counters accordingly. Study the film after each drive and try to anticipate your opponent’s game plan.

madden mobile 16 video game

Good defensive strategy = lots of fans.

9) Always touchback

On the kickoff, if you’re KR is standing in the end zone, hit that button that says, “Fair Catch”. It’ll give you an automatic 20 yards. Don’t try to run it out – you’ll end up on the 10 or 15 yard line.

madden mobile 16 video game

Hit the fair catch button. Trust me, you won’t make it to 20 any other way.

10) Go for two

You don’t get fans for PATs. The two-point conversion is also much easier than last season. The QB Sneak is automatic if it’s not countered. So, go for two almost every time. The only situations where you’d kick are if all your go-to plays are countered or if kicking will win you the game. If it’s tied 6-6 and it’s the last drive of the game, by all means, kick it and get the win. Otherwise, run the two.

At some point, you’ll need to figure out what works best for you, but stay disciplined, go for fans, and you’ll make your way up the rankings. Happy Maddening!