Blind Edge on Indiegogo — Hack, Slash, Crowd-Fund!

By | August 25, 2015

A remote station on a moon in a far away galaxy. It gets attacked by creatures everyone thought were harmless. And no one knows why they’re pissed off. No one knows. (Could it be just the fact that there are weird aliens invading their home?) Folks are brought in to find out why. Really smart folks, but they need protection. That’s where you, an elite member of the Defense Force, enter the scene. Your job: keep guys safe, kick alien butt.

Sounds like an intriguing premise for cult-classic Sci-Fi flick. It’s not, but it still sounds awesome. Babel Games’s Blind Edge is a “hack slash RPG for Android and PC” and it’s trying to go-go on Indiegogo. Current at $34, it needs to raise $6000 by end of September.

Its main selling point is its fusion gameplay. Part hack-slash and part RPG, it compares itself to scrolling masterpieces like Castlevania and Megaman. The RPG is the development of your character, which can be one of three classes: Striker, Juggernaut, and Engineer. Each is what it sounds like. Still not sure what they are? Think Thief, Fighter and Wizard, in that order. The game allows you to switch between classes at any point, which actually takes some of the fun and challenge out of it. I prefer to just pick one class and stick with it, and then play the game over again with a different class using different strategies.

As with all crowd-funding games, more money means more promises. For example, $30,000 will result in an open world. Wow! An open world in a scroller. Definitely something to look out for.

Overall, it’s a fascinating premise and story, and so far the gaming looks good enough – hopefully we’ll see the game made. If not, someone should take this idea and make it into a movie.

Check out Blind Edge and then give them your money.

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