The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Trailer — Stay Human!

By | August 11, 2015

Who’s the best “The Walking Dead” character? Dead, alive, undead…? That debate will go on and on. Glenn’s at the top of my list. Neck and neck is Carol. And then of course, there’s Daryl Dixon. The quiet and awkward, tough but soft manly-man who kills biters with a crossbow.

Daryl’s the center of the up-coming mobile game, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. The iOS zombie apocalypse app looks to be more than just a tie-in game to the new season. The trailer has some brain-tingling stuff.

There’s 3rd person hack-and-slash squad action. There’s also some town building sim. No doubt there will be the usual F2P essentials like weapons, equipment and other things that can be acquired quicker with real cash.

For a mobile game, definitely looks like it’ll earn space on your iPhone. We shall see, and hopefully it’ll replace the disappointment all of us fans had after the end of last season.

The game is out in October, iOS only.

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