Hellblade Gameplay Video — More of that pulsating bag, less of everything else

By | August 10, 2015

Some gameplay videos make me not want to buy a game. The new Hellblade “walkthrough” from Gamescom 2015 is one of those videos.

The first two minutes of the 6.5-minute video is intriguing. The opening cinematic introduces us to Senua and the psychological or demonic forces she’s to deal with. There’s a bag of what could be a human head, but it’s moving. I’ve seen horror movies like that – movies that nearly had me soiling my pants. When Senua peers at us when she hears something sinister, I’m expecting some of that crazy jumpy stuff.

But then….

We get into the gameplay. About two minutes of really lame one-on-one sword fighting. It’s supposed to be training, I guess, but even though, it’s repetitive and random. Keep pushing buttons until your foe is vanquished.

After that, we have running around. Run here, run there, check out the nice scenery, run some more.

And then more repetitive fighting against humanoid demons or monsters that look like they were taken straight out of Silent Hill. Not much to get excited about.

The creepy factor is there, though, and hopefully more of that will come out by the time the game’s released in 2016. The hack-and-slash adventure will be on Windows and PS4.

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