Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Path to Luma Review — Fighting pollution is fun…until it isn’t

Game Experience: Medium Game Value: Medium Quiche’s Recommendation: Give it a go! In The Path to Luma, your mission is to clean. You bounce from planet to planet, reviving each polluted and dying world into a renewable green one. It’s a refreshing premise considering many games these days are about destroying and killing. Of course,… Read More »

Overfall on Kickstarter — Where no procedurally-generated RPG has gone before?

Exploration is in our blood. We want to see what’s “over there” with the hopes that what’s there is better than what’s here. A new land, a new planet, or perhaps simply a new restaurant on the other side of town, we want to discover new things. That’s why we love exploration games. And why… Read More »

Hellblade Gameplay Video — More of that pulsating bag, less of everything else

Some gameplay videos make me not want to buy a game. The new Hellblade “walkthrough” from Gamescom 2015 is one of those videos. The first two minutes of the 6.5-minute video is intriguing. The opening cinematic introduces us to Senua and the psychological or demonic forces she’s to deal with. There’s a bag of what… Read More »

Technomancer Gamescom 2015 Trailer — Mad Max and Seafood on Mars

As if colonizing an inhospitable planet wasn’t difficult enough, Technomancer asks you to survive in a post-apocalyptic inhospitable planet. It’s Mars. Yes, the planet with…nothing. Lots of sand and CO2, or that’s how we know it. But in the world of Technomancer, Mars is colonized, and it’s become a Mad Max kind of lovely. Desert,… Read More »