No Man’s Sky Infinite World’s Trailer — Evolve not Devolve

By | July 21, 2015

No Man’s Sky is still No Man’s Game. Been two years now since I got hyped on this procedurally-generated exploration adventure.  After viewing the new trailer, I’m hoping the extra time is being used to improve the game, not adding features just to appeal to a wider audience.

This one is called, “Infinite Worlds Trailer”. Infinite is correct and the worlds still look intriguing, although they don’t appear as amazing as before. Dinosaurs are cool, but a herd of clones walking in a single line made me feel a little bit less wow, though just a little bit. Dust and smoke look cool.

The trailer also focuses on battles, which is disappointing. Now, I love battles. I love starships blasting away each other and engaging in Galactica dog-fights. That’s all good, but that’s not why I’m jazzed about No Man’s Sky. This is an exploration game! Procedurally-generated, infinite worlds to discover.

Okay, exploitation of resource-rich planets are intriguing. Maybe that’s what the battles are about. And alien natives defending their home world from plague-bearing conquistadors are definitely part of exploration. All good and hope this game has some of that. However, this awesome concept needs to avoid degenerating into a strategic war game where factions are battling each other out in starships. Fun, but that’s a different game. Just like Star Trek isn’t Star Wars, the primary focus of No Man’s Sky isn’t battles, but exploration.

I’m hoping the game continues to evolve into a classic, and not devolve into a sell-out shooter — leave that to other games.

Release the game already!

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