Madden Mobile 15 — How to Max your Season Score

By | July 14, 2015

I lost everything. My players, ranking, league, and even my identity. Most importantly, I lost my 100% Season Score.

What exactly happened to me in Madden Mobile 15?  Check out how I lost it all.

But I refused to go down. I refused to give up. I rebuilt my team. I rebuilt my dignity. And a month later, with about a month left before the Madden lords send the flood and reboot to Madden Mobile 16, I am at 93% of my season score. No doubt, I’ll get to 100% by August 15 when Madden Mobile starts its new season.

Your Season Score determines your starting place in the New World. Higher your score (max 100%), the greater your rewards at the beginning of Madden Mobile 16. If you’re just starting, here are some tips on how to maximize your season score.

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Essentially, playing the game will increase your score. There are 8 categories.

1) Offense Rating

2) Defense Rating

3) Special Teams Rating

4) Level

5) Head-to-head Tier

6) Seasons completed

7) Sets completed

8) Achievements completed

In the beginning, you’ll rack up your score very quickly. The first 50-60% is very easy. You may get that in one week. It gets tougher after that and you’ll need to direct your efforts.

Focus on these areas to max your Season Score by August 15:

1) Review the available achievements (trophy icon top right corner) and target easy achievements, especially in season and head-to-head. Some of these are incredibly easy, such as throwing an 80-yard TD pass. You’ll earn some achievements just by breathing. Others, you’ll have to target such as kicking a 50-yard field goal or Around the World. Join Leagues at some point to accomplish achievements, but league play in general won’t help you with your season score.

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2) Buy Pro-Packs. They’re cheap ($7500) and this is the most cost-efficient way to increase your rating at the beginning. They’ll also help you complete sets.

3) Complete sets. You get points for non-repeatable sets. Focus on Team sets and easy upgrades such as Bronze and Silver positional upgrades. Also, you get points for completing repeatable sets one time. Some of these are incredibly easy to complete, such as player-to-trophy exchanges or Quicksells. Do them at least once. Don’t focus too much on tougher sets like Combine or Duos. Don’t go to the auction to complete these sets. Buy Pro-Packs instead.

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4) Play Head-to-Head rivalry games. For Tips on how to move up in rankings and tiers, see my post on how I got to Top 100. I maxed out in this category in three weeks. Playing and finishing head-to-head games also increases your Level, especially when games are completed. These games also only take 1 stamina per drive, so play A LOT of them.

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Additional tips:

1) Don’t go to the auction early. It’s a waste of money, especially when you have time to pick up Elite players via Pro-Packs. Spend your money on Pro-Packs, especially at the beginning. Once you have all Gold Players and have reached about 85 overall rating, then start saving your money. Do Large Quicksells to get large cash fast. Once you’re about a week from August 15, then think about filling holes via the auction if you still haven’t reached 100% by then. Also, you don’t want to increase your rating too fast because it’ll make head-to-head games more difficult. Reach Hall of Fame tier first before hitting the auction.

2) Don’t Play Seasons. You get 1% for each season completed. That’s 16+ games. You want to play Season games to finish achievements, but it’s a waste of time and stamina to go through an entire season for 1% point. You won’t need it to reach 100%.

Overall, you have to play, play, play. The more you play, the more you’ll increase your Season Score. That’s the bottom line. What exactly awaits us at 100%? Good and shiny things, no doubt. Worth all the sweat and tears.

Good luck and see you at Madden Mobile 16!

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