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King’s Quest: Chapter 1 Launch Trailer — Any hungry lions?

I finished King’s Quest 2 in one sitting. Seriously. Not because it’s an easy game, but because I couldn’t save my progress. Something with my copy of the game that prevented me from saving. I was 12 years old and I was up until 4 in the morning. I got stuck in the tower, didn’t know how to pass the lion. I believe the command was something like, “Give meat to lion”.

Give the lion some meat, and he'll give you passage

Give the lion some meat, and he’ll give you passage

The new King’s Quest is all about nostalgia for me, though quite different. Chapter 1 is out and here’s the trailer for it:

Sierra used to be the king of the adventure-game hill. They essentially took the same model and replicated it into several King’s Quests, Police Quests, Space Quests, and a series about some guy in a white suit.

I’m glad they’re back with King’s Quest, but I do wish it maintained more of that same adventure gameplay rather than focusing on puzzles. In any case, King’s Quest is back and so is Sierra and hope others as well.

For Honor First Impressions Trailer — Brutality of Medieval Combat in a hack-and-slash

War is hell. And medieval war was especially hell. You have people pounding each other into a pulp or slicing off body parts and spilling guts and so on. That happens with shrapnel and bullets but it’s not close and personal as it is with hand-to-hand combat. Check out the gruesome story of the Battle of Visby. Professional soldiers and knights clashed with peasants resulting in one of the most brutal battles in history.

A new hack and slash video game from Ubisoft attempts to capture the hell of medieval warfare. For Honor is like an FPS, but instead of shooting, there’s swordplay. I guess you can call it an FPH – First Person Hacker.

The new trailer shows lots of hacking and slashing. No body parts, though. No guts on ground. But it looks very intense. It’s a cinematic, not gameplay, and so probably some baking powder mixed in there, but still brings back some of that Braveheart brutality. Especially check out the sequence at :24. You have mud. You have guys in close proximity poking and slashing.

The game isn’t exactly historically accurate. For those who really don’t know, Vikings and Knights and Samurai did not battle each other. But it’s not fantasy. Meaning, historical weapons and armor. No magic and dragons.

The game allows up to 8 players at a time belonging to one of three factions based on the warrior type mentioned above. Each side is supported by AI fighters who players have to beat to reach a score that allows them to kill other players.

Most importantly, would the fighting become repetitive? After all, the map and terrain probably won’t matter as much as it does in an FPS. Eventually, you have to close in on your foe, which means you guys are both standing in the same place facing each other. So, the fighting gameplay has to feature some interesting things than the typical, lock-in and push whole bunch of buttons. It has to be a fighting game.

The game’s combat system is called, “Art of Battle”. It’s a dueling mode where players square off each other and use some technique to hit or block their opponent. Doesn’t sound all that innovative, but we’ll see.

For Honor will be out on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in the future….

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gameplay Features — Man, don’t kill the horse!

Another year, another Assassin’s Creed title. This year, it’s “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate” and the setting is Victorian London. Yes, the London of Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, and Tiny Tim. The center of the greatest empire in the history of the planet.

The new gameplay features video is four and a half minutes of amazing time travel. As with all games in the series, we get an excellent history lesson as well as addictive gameplay. That’s all you need to know about any new Assassin’s title. Where and when does it take place?

Everything else is pretty much the same. Sneak around, complete missions, kill Templars.

Why even have a features video?

Well, here’s what’s “new” about the Syndicate:

1) Carriages. Yes, carriage with horse. You can go GTA with it, knocking people to the ground. You can also kill the horse, which is just wrong. Killing people is ok, but killing innocent animals just ain’t right.

2) You can throw dead bodies into wagons full of hay. Wait a minute, you could do that in other games? Okay, how about this? You can pull the bodies back out! Amazing stuff.

3) Cinematic killing. This one’s kind of cool, actually. You get several bad guys near the point of death, and when you execute them, it’ll do a well-choreographed cinematic finish.

4) When you get killed, it’s more gory.

5) There are 19th century posters in 19th century London.

Some of this stuff might now wow you, but again, best part of each new Assassin’s Creed is the history lesson – accurate or not, it’s like going back in time.

Game’s out in October on PS4 and Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky Infinite World’s Trailer — Evolve not Devolve

No Man’s Sky is still No Man’s Game. Been two years now since I got hyped on this procedurally-generated exploration adventure.  After viewing the new trailer, I’m hoping the extra time is being used to improve the game, not adding features just to appeal to a wider audience.

This one is called, “Infinite Worlds Trailer”. Infinite is correct and the worlds still look intriguing, although they don’t appear as amazing as before. Dinosaurs are cool, but a herd of clones walking in a single line made me feel a little bit less wow, though just a little bit. Dust and smoke look cool.

The trailer also focuses on battles, which is disappointing. Now, I love battles. I love starships blasting away each other and engaging in Galactica dog-fights. That’s all good, but that’s not why I’m jazzed about No Man’s Sky. This is an exploration game! Procedurally-generated, infinite worlds to discover.

Okay, exploitation of resource-rich planets are intriguing. Maybe that’s what the battles are about. And alien natives defending their home world from plague-bearing conquistadors are definitely part of exploration. All good and hope this game has some of that. However, this awesome concept needs to avoid degenerating into a strategic war game where factions are battling each other out in starships. Fun, but that’s a different game. Just like Star Trek isn’t Star Wars, the primary focus of No Man’s Sky isn’t battles, but exploration.

I’m hoping the game continues to evolve into a classic, and not devolve into a sell-out shooter — leave that to other games.

Release the game already!

Fallout 4 Gameplay Trailer — The Good, the Bad, and the Radioactive

Sometimes gameplay trailers don’t really help a game. Sometimes it kills the excitement instead of building up the hype. Sometimes it’s better to stick with the launch trailer or story trailer but don’t release the game trailer unless it’s going to WOW. The new 5-minute Fallout 4 gameplay trailer is definitely not WOW. In fact, after watching this trailer, I’m feeling $19.99 on Amazon.

Here’s the good:

1) Graphics and Art Design: environmental, landscape, post-apocalypse universe – all great. Always stellar Fallout grittiness. Fallout is a Western, the Wild Crazy Nuked-up West. It need to have that dirty-dusty. Some of the guns are rusty and looks beat-up, which is accurate, and which is the Fallout DNA.

2) Weapons: the laser musket is a scene stealer. You have to crank it and has a rate of fire of 1 per 3 seconds, but it packs a punch and completely obliterates soft tissue. Yum. The dog is cool, too: best K-9 killer this side of Riley. Not too thrilled with the Power Armor. I always preferred the smaller, scavenge-from-the-wasteland weapons to some of the more high-tech stuff. Power Armor is cool, but it’s just not as fun.

3) Don’t have to kill any rats upon exiting the Vault.

Here’s the not so good:

1) The Vault door faces the sky. Come on! In the original, the Vault opens into a cave, which is what it should be. Who would have the door of a fallout shelter facing the sky when you can have it open into a cave for added protection?

2) FPS. The exploration part is cool. I want to know the mystery of what happened. I want to scavenge for supplies and weapons. Finding food and weapons is fun. One of the best parts about the mobile game, Fallout Shelter, and the original Fallout games. The Fallout 4 gameplay trailer quickly moves away from that and degenerates into a humdrum first-person-shooter. FPSs are cool, but it’s nothing special. Fallout is special, very special, but this gameplay trailer makes it another one of your boring shooters.

3) Robot that gives you exposition. I know, it’s necessary – every RPG has one of these expo-roles – but it’s annoying.

4) NPCs who say things like, “You came just in time!”

5) Where’s the team? The gameplay shows a solo affair.

I was jazzed after the Official Trailer, but now…I’ll buy it used.

Coming soon on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.



Heroes Reborn Game Trailer — Will these tie-in games have super-power?

I don’t watch NBC’s Heroes. All I know is that it’s about normal folks with super powers. Basically, what every kid day-dreams about. It’s also a great way to pick up girls at bars. If you could have any super-power, what would it be? Try it. Really. It works!

The new season of the show is coming, and to jazz up its fan base, two new tie-in games are coming. Yes, TWO! That’s double the tie-in fun.

The tie-in titles are Heroes Reborn: Gemini and Heroes Reborn: Engima. Yes, very mysterious, especially when it’s actually called…Enigma.

There’s only one game trailer for both, and it’s 48 seconds long. What the trailer shows seems interesting enough. Like the TV series, regular Jills and Joes with crazy power and an identity crisis or amnesia or something like that. There’s action, adventure, mystery, and voice actors speaking out loud internal monologues such as, “I need to know the truth”.

The last sequence is the most intriguing. Our heroine turns a dark room into a bright room overgrown with wild vegetation. Actually, the game itself is interesting. It’s first-person super-power. You don’t fly around like Superman, but you get to do some cool magic, blowing stuff up and force-pushing bad guys into the air.

But then again, these are tie-in games. By now, we all know about tie-in games, right? Beware, beware.

The Heroes Reborn games are out on PC, Console, and Mobile soon.

Madden Mobile 15 — How to Max your Season Score

I lost everything. My players, ranking, league, and even my identity. Most importantly, I lost my 100% Season Score.

What exactly happened to me in Madden Mobile 15?  Check out how I lost it all.

But I refused to go down. I refused to give up. I rebuilt my team. I rebuilt my dignity. And a month later, with about a month left before the Madden lords send the flood and reboot to Madden Mobile 16, I am at 93% of my season score. No doubt, I’ll get to 100% by August 15 when Madden Mobile starts its new season.

Your Season Score determines your starting place in the New World. Higher your score (max 100%), the greater your rewards at the beginning of Madden Mobile 16. If you’re just starting, here are some tips on how to maximize your season score.

madden mobile video game

Essentially, playing the game will increase your score. There are 8 categories.

1) Offense Rating

2) Defense Rating

3) Special Teams Rating

4) Level

5) Head-to-head Tier

6) Seasons completed

7) Sets completed

8) Achievements completed

In the beginning, you’ll rack up your score very quickly. The first 50-60% is very easy. You may get that in one week. It gets tougher after that and you’ll need to direct your efforts.

Focus on these areas to max your Season Score by August 15:

1) Review the available achievements (trophy icon top right corner) and target easy achievements, especially in season and head-to-head. Some of these are incredibly easy, such as throwing an 80-yard TD pass. You’ll earn some achievements just by breathing. Others, you’ll have to target such as kicking a 50-yard field goal or Around the World. Join Leagues at some point to accomplish achievements, but league play in general won’t help you with your season score.

madden mobile video game

2) Buy Pro-Packs. They’re cheap ($7500) and this is the most cost-efficient way to increase your rating at the beginning. They’ll also help you complete sets.

3) Complete sets. You get points for non-repeatable sets. Focus on Team sets and easy upgrades such as Bronze and Silver positional upgrades. Also, you get points for completing repeatable sets one time. Some of these are incredibly easy to complete, such as player-to-trophy exchanges or Quicksells. Do them at least once. Don’t focus too much on tougher sets like Combine or Duos. Don’t go to the auction to complete these sets. Buy Pro-Packs instead.

madden mobile video game

4) Play Head-to-Head rivalry games. For Tips on how to move up in rankings and tiers, see my post on how I got to Top 100. I maxed out in this category in three weeks. Playing and finishing head-to-head games also increases your Level, especially when games are completed. These games also only take 1 stamina per drive, so play A LOT of them.

madden mobile video game

Additional tips:

1) Don’t go to the auction early. It’s a waste of money, especially when you have time to pick up Elite players via Pro-Packs. Spend your money on Pro-Packs, especially at the beginning. Once you have all Gold Players and have reached about 85 overall rating, then start saving your money. Do Large Quicksells to get large cash fast. Once you’re about a week from August 15, then think about filling holes via the auction if you still haven’t reached 100% by then. Also, you don’t want to increase your rating too fast because it’ll make head-to-head games more difficult. Reach Hall of Fame tier first before hitting the auction.

2) Don’t Play Seasons. You get 1% for each season completed. That’s 16+ games. You want to play Season games to finish achievements, but it’s a waste of time and stamina to go through an entire season for 1% point. You won’t need it to reach 100%.

Overall, you have to play, play, play. The more you play, the more you’ll increase your Season Score. That’s the bottom line. What exactly awaits us at 100%? Good and shiny things, no doubt. Worth all the sweat and tears.

Good luck and see you at Madden Mobile 16!

Also, if you need help actually playing the game, check out my other posts:

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Tom Clancy’s The Division Dark Zone Story Trailer — Big Infection in Big Apple

If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Toughest place on Earth. If you’re weak, you’ll get killed. If you slip, you’re rat feed. If you blink, you’ll find yourself in the pits of the city, or worse, on your way to Jersey. The Big Apple is a huge man-eating plant that devours weaklings. And that’s WITHOUT a deadly infection.

Add deadly infection and you have Tom Clancy’s The Division Dark Zone.

The story trailer tells us what we already suspect when we hear big city, big infection: city is sick, literally, and not only physically, mentally. It’s chaos. Soldiers had to run for it, leaving all their gear and the last hope for a cure. So, is it hopeless? No, because you are the “elite sleeper agent” who will infiltrate the city, take back each building, and make New York right again.

Dark Zone is an RPG that features a whole lot of standard RPG features like weather, day-night cycles, customizable skills and equipment, etc, etc. It promises to show some new Gen wow-factor realism. For now, we’ll have to take their word for it because the trailer only shows some cut-outs moving around and some nice artwork.

The beginning of the trailer reminded me of John Carpenter’s Escape from New York. Classic flick. That would actually make a killer game. Get in, blow things up, get out.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Dark Zone is out March 8, 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.