Madden Mobile 15 — I lost everything but will rise again!

By | June 18, 2015

I got evicted. Kicked out. For six months I lived the high-life enjoying the luxuries of wealth and fame. Then just like that, I had nothing. Rock bottom. I even lost my identity. No, this isn’t a Jason Bourne movie or a Count of Monte Cristo spin-off. It’s Madden Mobile.

Okay, it’s my fault. Madden Mobile is a great game. The best F2P on the planet. I used a guest account. I never intended to play six months. Just a few games, enough to write a blog post or two. But there I was, six months and thousands of games later, I was still a squatter. After just one month of playing, it was too late. I had invested too much. My team was leaping up the ranks. By March 2015, I was committed, couldn’t turn back.

Check out my earlier post to see exactly how far I got with that guest account.

I don’t know exactly what happened. This morning I was Gamequiche, ranked 91 in Head to Head. By evening, it was all gone. My phone or Electronic Arts decided to give me the boot. Still don’t know. So tonight, I started a new account, this time linking it to Facebook. Now I am Gamequiche, ranked 543,391. It was surreal looking at my old self still in the rankings. Like a soul looking down at its lifeless body still on earth.

madden mobile 15 video game

I was ranked #91, now I am not…very, very NOT!

I also had a maxed-out Season Score of 100%. Now, I’m at 10%. The game turns over on August 15. Everything resets, but the higher your season score, the more lovelies you get to start your new season. What lovelies? I don’t know, but I was all set and only had to enjoy the last two months trying to break into the 80s in the rankings. Now I have to work. How far will I get in the next 2 months? Will I get to 100%? We shall see.

madden mobile 15 video game

How high can I get by August 15?

The lesson here, boys and girls? If you’re just starting your Madden career or plan to in August, don’t use a guest account.

P.S. If any of my Don Keedix league-mates are reading this, I didn’t abandon you, fellas. I got the boot!

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