Fallout 4 Official Trailer — Yes, the good old days of robot slaves and radiation-free air

By | June 3, 2015

Fallout 4’s official trailer is out and it’s got me nostalgic. Nostalgia is a recurring theme in the post-apocalyptic series, and it’s evident in the trailer. Cut into the wasteland reality are glimpses of the paradise lost – a bright colorful world of babies in cribs, white-picket fences and robotic housemaids.


Yes, the “good old days” included robot slaves.

Best thing about Fallout is the brand itself. Going back to the original PC games, the art direction and mis-en-scene are fairly consistent. The Leave-It-to-Beaver tone, the propagandish black-and-white programming, and the contrasting grittiness of the post-apoc world…check, check, check, all there.

The trailer shows us the world before the nuke holocaust weren’t your average 1950s. It’s a bizarro world where the big-car-driving, khaki-wearing citizens also had high-tech luxuries like robot maids.

Our guide in the trailer is a German Shepherd who leads us from a house to the streets to the deserted town where he meets up with our hero who is still wearing his blue vault suit. That suit is a brand in itself and gets my nostalgia hairs up and at ‘em. Yeah, the good old days of the late 1990s when all I had to worry about was chasing girls and flipping computer RPGs.

fallout 4 video game dog

Back to the trailer: Big Open World. Mysterious characters in the dark wearing Bogart trench coats and fedoras. Weird mutated creatures. And Fast Zombies!

Yes, Fast Zombies at 1:49 of the trailer.

I prefer hordes of slow zombies to fast zombies, but zombies are zombies, which is always cool school. And Fallout 4 is a true fallout with all the fan-service lovelies.

Can’t wait!

Coming soon on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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