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Fallout Shelter Tips for Success: Part Three — How to Thrive in the Post-Apocalypse!

Dwellers do not live on bread alone, they also need some fun. Once bellies are full and the immediate fear of extinction has waned, your job as the Overseer is to increase the happiness of your dwellers and focus on the business of repopulating the human race. Here are tips on how to go from… Read More »

Fallout Shelter Tips for Success: Part Two — The Art of Breeding

To ensure the survival of the human race, you must force your dwellers to breed. And you, as the Overseer of your Vault, must be very smart about who mates with who. Forget about love, forget about age differences. Selective breeding is in full effect. All ethical issues are out the window. Survival of your… Read More »

Fallout Shelter Tips for Success: Part One

You are the overseer and your mission is to keep your dwellers alive. It’s not easy. There’s radiation, giant roaches, fire, vicious raiders and above all, the tragedy of the commons. Nuclear war will do that to ya. Fallout Shelter, a new mobile F2P based on the popular RPG and shooter, is definitely not easy.… Read More »

Fallout Shelter Review (F2P on Mobile) — Nuclear Holocaust is FUN!

1) Game Experience: Very High 2) Game Value: Very High 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: F2P of the Year! I used to have a fallout fantasy. A nuclear holocaust, an underground bunker, and nothing to do but kill time. There’d be a fully-equipped video game room. A movie theater. A soda fountain that never stops fizzling. It… Read More »

ADR1FT Moonlight Trailer – How exactly do you survive in space?

The soundtrack of space is classical. Always. Strauss in 2001: A Space Odyssey or even Star Wars’ John Williams. It has to be classical. I love Queen but that isn’t space. Moonlight Sonata captures space perfectly. It’s eerie, quiet and makes you a bit uneasy. That’s why it was featured prominently in the first Resident… Read More »

The Bard’s Tale IV on Kickstarter In-Engine Video

I need a good dungeon-crawler. Huge open world games are nice and there’s plenty of ‘em these days. But sometimes all I need is a creepy little dungeon to raid, hack, loot and get out with a pocket full of gold. The Bard’s Tale was one of those awesome dungeon crawlers. It goes back 30… Read More »

Fallout 4 Official Trailer — Yes, the good old days of robot slaves and radiation-free air

Fallout 4’s official trailer is out and it’s got me nostalgic. Nostalgia is a recurring theme in the post-apocalyptic series, and it’s evident in the trailer. Cut into the wasteland reality are glimpses of the paradise lost – a bright colorful world of babies in cribs, white-picket fences and robotic housemaids. What? Yes, the “good… Read More »

Rise of Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer — It ain’t easy being Great

The Rise of the Tomb Raider teaser trailer is like a U.S. Marines recruiting video. I wanna get up and get doing. Lara urges us to “Aim Greater” like Amelia Earhart, and do something amazing. I’m inspired, but then I see Lara up in the Alps or Himalayas braving the cold and heights. She’s ice-climbing… Read More »