Mad Max: Savage Road Story Trailer — More than just a tie-in game?

By | May 26, 2015

If a tie-in game is released 4 months after the movie of which it is tied, then chances are it’s not a true tie-in game. In other words, it’s probably a good game.

Mad Max: Savage Road is out September 1. The movie, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, came out on May 19. Tie-in games which are designed to capitalize on the movie’s release generally suck since they are driven by marketing folks not gaming folks. “Godzilla: Strike Zone” last year is an example.

“Fury Road” is an excellent movie. Probably as good, if not better, than the original Mad Max. Only gripe about the movie is the absence of Max’s classic interceptor. Also, I needed some more fan service like the wild child and the helicopter guy, but I admit that kind of stuff often ruins a movie (e.g. Leonard Nimoy’s inorganic cameos in the new Star Trek films). Okay, one other half-gripe about Fury Road: it was really more about Charlize Theron than Mad Max. A more appropriate title for the flick would have been “Furious Furiosa: Fury Road”.

Enough about the movie and back to the game. The story trailer for Savage Road showcases a game that is definitely more than a tie-in. The barren world is wide open and you need a vehicle to survive. And your vehicle has to be awesome. There’s your Magnum Opus and a whole bunch of other stuff. I didn’t see the super-awesome drum-amplifier vehicle from the movie, but still a wide variety of cool cars to make you want to get post-apocalyptic. There are other things to satisfy old-school fans like the Thunderdome.

It’s a story trailer so it gives us some bits of the story, but who really cares about the story, right? Same stuff. Revenge. Survival. Side Missions. MacGuffin-seeking, etc. If you played any of these action RPG open-world stuff, you already know the story.

Mad Max isn’t awesome because of the story. It’s the cars, man. The cars that makes this world killer.

Can’t wait to roll come September.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4, and Windows.

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