Terminator Genisys: Revolution Announcement Trailer – The Age of Freemium-ators

By | May 13, 2015

I love Glu. They put out quality freemiums, as much quality as freemiums can get. Two of my most favorite freemiums, Deer Hunter and Frontline Commando, are Glu’s. They don’t shy from in-app purchases and intrusive ads. That’s confidence. That’s moxie. That’s how it is and that’s how it’ll be, that’s their motto. Actually, their tagline is, “The Leader in 3D Freemiums”.

The next on their list is Terminator Genisys: Revolution, a tie-in to the upcoming movie. The model and gameplay is similar to Frontline. Basically, similar to a carnival shooting gallery. Stand here and shoot at targets over there. Simple, but really fun!

The Announcement trailer shows old-school terminators. The Arnold Schwarzeneggers, not the Robert Patrick liquid metal type. There are also other mech-type robots, flying robots, and tiny droid robots that are usually more super-annoying than super-lethal.

The weapon showcased is an assault rifle with a grenade launcher, but no doubt there will be others, the coolest of which you have to pull out your wallet for.

The only gripe so far is the Terminators simply collapse when they’re dead. I want to see parts and pieces breaking off and sparks and fire and a big boom! But they just fall to the ground when the hit points reach 0. But then again, how can I complain when the game is free?

That’s Glu’s fall-back, no doubt. If the game sucks, all they have to say is, “It’s free!” Glu is genius.

Terminator Genisys: Revolution is coming very soon to both iOS and Android.

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