Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Launch Trailer — Holy Cow, Flaming Zombie Nazis!

By | May 6, 2015

It’s late night at MachineGames and the question is, “How do we make Nazis even more fun to blast away into bits and pieces?” After a long period of silence, someone yells out, “Zombie Nazis!” More silence. And then someone else yells out, “Flaming Zombie Nazis!” Everyone erupts in cheers.

That’s how I imagine things went down when they developed this game. How do you follow up Wolfenstein: The New Order? Last year’s top FPNS (First Person Nazi Shooter) gave us tons of creative new ways to take out them Nazis. How do you top that?

The answer is Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

wolfenstein the old blood video game

The launch trailer for the standalone prequel to The New Order shows us some fine Nazi blasting. The tools of Nazi-removal are back – guns, bombs, pipes, kabars — but the Nazis are Flaming Zombie Nazis, which increases the level of Nazi-blasting satisfaction.

Flaming Zombie Nazis blow up nicely. Flaming Zombie Nazis fall out of the sky. Flaming Zombie Nazis crawl out of the gutters. Flaming Zombie Nazis!

There are also regular Nazis and Nazis in robotic battle armor. But…I don’t care about Nazis in robotic battle armor. Just give me more Flaming Zombie Nazis!

Game is out now, so get it!

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