Bandolier on Kickstarter – The Good, the Bad, and the very very Raw

By | May 4, 2015

Some games on Kickstarter require more kick-starting than others. Bandolier looks like it will need a HUGE kick, and maybe some high-voltage, Frankenstein shock treatment to bring it to life. It’s raw. Cut-outs moving around.

But what I love about Bandolier is the idea. It’s a spaghetti Western. Yes, those Clint Eastwood flicks where all the Mexicans speak Italian instead of Spanish. Love those!

Bandolier wants to make it a ‘90s style FPS, like Wolfenstein and Doom. They need $9,300 to get it going. Right now, they have $8.00. That means even their friends and family haven’t anted up. 17 days left.

Time’s running out, and I’m not big on the ‘90s style FPS, but the overall subject and concept is cool. A spaghetti Western with all the quirkiness and the cartoon-like characters and all the clear-cut good versus bad (and the ugly). And the duels. A Western game has to have draws. Doesn’t seem like Bandolier will have that, unfortunately.

There’s a gatling gun, although I don’t really need a gatling gun. What’s more interesting in a Western are the six-shooters. Bandolier’s got plenty of those. Throw in some gambling, too. And bar fights and public hangings.

I would like to see a spaghetti Western game at some point. Hope this one is the one, but they’ve got some work to do.

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