Monthly Archives: May 2015

Need for Speed Teaser Trailer — 21 years later…speeding tickets are still annoying

Need for Speed goes way back. We’re talking DOS. We’re talking 1994. Did they even have video games back then? Heck yeah, and they were awesome! And NFS is awesome, the top racing franchise ever. Need a Need for Speed history refresher? Go here for The History of Need for Speed. The teaser trailer for… Read More »

Terminator Genisys: Revolution Announcement Trailer – The Age of Freemium-ators

I love Glu. They put out quality freemiums, as much quality as freemiums can get. Two of my most favorite freemiums, Deer Hunter and Frontline Commando, are Glu’s. They don’t shy from in-app purchases and intrusive ads. That’s confidence. That’s moxie. That’s how it is and that’s how it’ll be, that’s their motto. Actually, their… Read More »

Sym on Steam — The Unsolvable Puzzle of Fear

Finally, a game to overcome my sociophobia! I’ve been waiting for this for 30 years. Sym launched on Steam. It’s a platform game about fear. The launch trailer showcases the gameplay. Like an old black and white cartoon, our hero, Josh, travels from puzzle to puzzle, overcoming obstacles that represent different stages of social anxiety.… Read More »

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Launch Trailer — Holy Cow, Flaming Zombie Nazis!

It’s late night at MachineGames and the question is, “How do we make Nazis even more fun to blast away into bits and pieces?” After a long period of silence, someone yells out, “Zombie Nazis!” More silence. And then someone else yells out, “Flaming Zombie Nazis!” Everyone erupts in cheers. That’s how I imagine things… Read More »

Bandolier on Kickstarter – The Good, the Bad, and the very very Raw

Some games on Kickstarter require more kick-starting than others. Bandolier looks like it will need a HUGE kick, and maybe some high-voltage, Frankenstein shock treatment to bring it to life. It’s raw. Cut-outs moving around. But what I love about Bandolier is the idea. It’s a spaghetti Western. Yes, those Clint Eastwood flicks where all… Read More »