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Need for Speed Teaser Trailer — 21 years later…speeding tickets are still annoying

Need for Speed goes way back. We’re talking DOS. We’re talking 1994. Did they even have video games back then? Heck yeah, and they were awesome! And NFS is awesome, the top racing franchise ever.

Need a Need for Speed history refresher? Go here for The History of Need for Speed.

The teaser trailer for the latest NFS says some things haven’t changed. Like hitting on-coming traffic. Or getting a speeding ticket. But some things have changed. Big time changes.

Check out the downtown L.A. skyline. Some beautiful work there. And the city night. We’ll have to wait until June for the gameplay trailer but the teaser trailer says this game will rock.

It’s also open world. No pre-destined route but free will galore. The city is yours. Speed through it. Right on. According to the site, the game will also feature an “authentic urban car culture” and “an immersive narrative that pulls you through the game”. A story? Really? Cool, but who needs a story. All I need is Speed, Speed, Speed.

Game will be out Fall 2015 on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

Mad Max: Savage Road Story Trailer — More than just a tie-in game?

If a tie-in game is released 4 months after the movie of which it is tied, then chances are it’s not a true tie-in game. In other words, it’s probably a good game.

Mad Max: Savage Road is out September 1. The movie, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, came out on May 19. Tie-in games which are designed to capitalize on the movie’s release generally suck since they are driven by marketing folks not gaming folks. “Godzilla: Strike Zone” last year is an example.

“Fury Road” is an excellent movie. Probably as good, if not better, than the original Mad Max. Only gripe about the movie is the absence of Max’s classic interceptor. Also, I needed some more fan service like the wild child and the helicopter guy, but I admit that kind of stuff often ruins a movie (e.g. Leonard Nimoy’s inorganic cameos in the new Star Trek films). Okay, one other half-gripe about Fury Road: it was really more about Charlize Theron than Mad Max. A more appropriate title for the flick would have been “Furious Furiosa: Fury Road”.

Enough about the movie and back to the game. The story trailer for Savage Road showcases a game that is definitely more than a tie-in. The barren world is wide open and you need a vehicle to survive. And your vehicle has to be awesome. There’s your Magnum Opus and a whole bunch of other stuff. I didn’t see the super-awesome drum-amplifier vehicle from the movie, but still a wide variety of cool cars to make you want to get post-apocalyptic. There are other things to satisfy old-school fans like the Thunderdome.

It’s a story trailer so it gives us some bits of the story, but who really cares about the story, right? Same stuff. Revenge. Survival. Side Missions. MacGuffin-seeking, etc. If you played any of these action RPG open-world stuff, you already know the story.

Mad Max isn’t awesome because of the story. It’s the cars, man. The cars that makes this world killer.

Can’t wait to roll come September.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4, and Windows.

Madden Mobile 15 – The team that got me to Top 100

Reaching the Madden Mobile 15 Top 100 was not easy. I couldn’t do it without the blood, sweat and tears of those who suited up day-in, day-out. Here is the team that got me to Top 100.

madden mobile 15 video game

Yeah, baby! Top 100!

But before introducing my awesome lineup, here are some of my other Madden Mobile posts.

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How to get to Top 100

Offense, Rated 91

Madden Mobile 15 video game

Offense built for speed.

(Position, Name, Rating)

QB – Robert Griffin III, 96
HB – LeGarette Blount, 94
FB – LeSean McCoy, 88
TE – Vernon Davis, 96
TE/WR – Reuben Randle, 91
WR – Plaxico Burress, 93
WR – Antonio Brown, 93
LT – La’el Collins, 94
LG – Logan Mankins, 88
C – Rodney Hudson, 86
RG – Andy Levitre, 86
RT – Jake Long, 85

Defense, Rated 93

Madden Mobile 15 video game

Defense wins fans.

DE – Owa Odighizuwa, 94
DE – Chris Long, 92
DT – Dontari Poe, 96
DT – Jordan Phillips, 96
LB – Deandre Levy, 98
LB – Jamie Collins, 94
MLB – Navorro Bowman, 89
MLB – Tamba Hali, 89
CB – Jeremy Lane, 90
CB – Darrelle Revis, 88
S – Tyrann Mathieu, 96
S – George Iloka, 94
Nickel – Eric Reid, 87
Dime – Brent Grimes, 88

Special Teams, Rated 91

Madden Mobile 15 video game

Special teams are indeed special.

K – Matt Prater, 87
P – Andy Lee, 85
KR – Taiwan Jones, 93
PR – Tavon Austin, 96

1) Overall Team Rating: 92
2) Jeremy Lane is the only player I acquired via auction. Everyone else I pulled from pro-packs, completing sets, or from live events.
3) Team MVP is Matt Prater. His Kick Power of 96 shortened the field significantly which netted millions of fans. Before Prater, I had Steven Hauschka with a KP of 89, which meant I had to get to about the 25 yard line. With Prater, I could comfortably kick from the 35-40 yard lines (50-55 yard field goals).
4) For most of the journey, from when I was ranked in 1000s to about 300, I had Nate Solder at TE and Tom Brady at QB. Both did very well for me, and some plays were better with them. Brady has better pass accuracy than Robert Griffin III, and Solder was slow, but on some plays (e.g. FL Drag Under), slow was better than fast. I had to adjust my play style after adding RGIII and Vernon Davis, but that’s true in any sport (and any job) when acquiring new personnel. Overall, fast guys like Griffin and Davis paid off. Both are my Offense MVPs.
5) Strong defense was more important than a strong offense. Defense is the best offense when acquiring fans.
6) The Punt Returner is not used for rivalry play, but getting a speed guy like Tavon Austin was useful for completing the PR live events. Before Tavon I had a super-slow Griff Whalen — pulling teeth getting yards from him.
7) I LOVE my team!

Madden Mobile 15 – How to get to Top 100

I did it. I made Madden Mobile’s Top 100! It took five months of two-a-days and non-stop heavy hitting, but I made it!

Here are some tips to help you get there as well.

madden mobile 15 video game

Yeah, baby! Top 100!

Before we continue, here are a few other posts on Madden Mobile 15.

Top Passing Plays

Top Running Plays

Tips for Success

The team that got me to Top 100

First of all, I’m not a great player. If I was a great player, I would have made Top 100 much earlier. I’ve seen some guys or gals put up serious points using just one pass play (usually a slant). That’s a great player. I’m not one of those. The tips below are for players like me – just a tad above average.

To make the Top 100, you have to LOVE 5 things:

1) Love to play the game. A LOT of games.

The first thing you must do is play games. The second thing you must do is play more games. Remember, you need fans to move up, not wins, and the rival head-to-head scoring is designed to give you fans if you just play the games.

You obtain fans for a score (Level 50/Hall of Fame: about 87,500 for a field goal and 150,000 for a touchdown). You lose fans for failed drives, but not as much as a score. For example, a turnover will cost you 75,000 fans and a real miserable drive (sacked 2X, etc) will take away about 90,000 fans at most. You also gain fans if your opponent fails drives. So, unless you get totally blown out and shut out, the chances of you netting fans are pretty good if you just play the games. In other words, you might only win 1 out of every 3 games, but you could still come out ahead in fans.

madden mobile 15 video game

Here I lost 3 out of 5 but still a net gain in fans.

Pick opponents close to your level and rematch rivals that you annihilate. Likewise, avoid rematching opponents that annihilate you.

Sometimes, you may be hesitant to play games because you’re afraid to lose fans. Overcome that fear! And just play the darn games!

2) Love the RUN.

Sure, passing is cooler, but if you’re not a great player, the chances of a pick, or worse, pick 6, are extremely high as you move up in the ranks and play tougher opponents. In fact, by the time you reach Hall of Fame, all the DBs are like Deion Sanders in his prime. Any mis-read or weak throw are likely to get picked.

So, run the ball. Learn 4-5 good running plays, know how to read the defense, and run, run, run. You’ll need to pass once in a while so you’ll need 2-3 go-to pass plays, but build your drives around the run.


TIPS: On fourth and short, do a pass play with a TE corner route. Edge Circle or Double Hitch, for example. (The TE Corner is usually countered so avoid that one.) The defense will often run-blitz with the DBs playing the short pass. This will leave the TE all alone in the corner. Lob it to him. I’ve had many many long TDs like that.

3) Love the FIELD GOAL

Again, you’re going for fans, not the wins. If you’re down 7-0 and it’s fourth and goal at the 1, you’ll be tempted to go for the TD. Don’t do it! Kick the field goal. The chances of you winning fans is about 100% if you kick. The chances of you getting that one yard TD is less than 100%, sometimes much less. Kick the field goal and get the fans.

madden mobile 15 video game

Kick it, kick it real good!

With that tactic in mind, it’s good to have a solid kicker. Kick Power is more important than Kick Accuracy. I had a kicker at 89 Power. That means you can kick from about the 25 yard line. Once I landed a kicker with a 96 Power, I was able to kick from the 35 yard line. Those ten yards are huge and I probably gained millions of additional fans just from those extra 10 yards.

4) Love the COUNTER.

Not counter rush plays, but Countering your rivals’ plays. I generally set common passing plays on my global counter play list. For example, Streaks, Hail Mary and TE Corner are definitely on there. I have maybe one or two run plays. The idea is that more run plays are needed to score than pass plays. It’s also easier to get a turnover on pass plays and so by countering them, I increase my chances of gaining more fans per drive. Later on, players will avoid those common plays altogether so you have to adjust accordingly. I adjust my rival (not global) counter list after each drive depending on the film. You have to be active here or you’ll get beat bad.

Likewise, you need to master at least 4-5 good run plays and 2-3 pass plays to counter your opponent’s counter of you.

5) Love your TEAM.

You don’t need a 100 rated team. In fact, it’s good to have a team with a lower rating so you don’t play the dudes and dudettes with the higher level players. I did most of my work with an 85 to 90 rated team, which I built just by buying packs and completing live events, especially the combines.

Don’t pay real money to get good players. Don’t go on the auction to pick up ringers. You don’t need to. Just use the players you got and give them lots of love and playing time.

Having said that, it won’t be too bad to buy a kicker with high Kick Power early on.

madden mobile 15 video game

My beloved offense…

There you go. That was my strategy. Hope to see you in the Top 100!

Terminator Genisys: Revolution Announcement Trailer – The Age of Freemium-ators

I love Glu. They put out quality freemiums, as much quality as freemiums can get. Two of my most favorite freemiums, Deer Hunter and Frontline Commando, are Glu’s. They don’t shy from in-app purchases and intrusive ads. That’s confidence. That’s moxie. That’s how it is and that’s how it’ll be, that’s their motto. Actually, their tagline is, “The Leader in 3D Freemiums”.

The next on their list is Terminator Genisys: Revolution, a tie-in to the upcoming movie. The model and gameplay is similar to Frontline. Basically, similar to a carnival shooting gallery. Stand here and shoot at targets over there. Simple, but really fun!

The Announcement trailer shows old-school terminators. The Arnold Schwarzeneggers, not the Robert Patrick liquid metal type. There are also other mech-type robots, flying robots, and tiny droid robots that are usually more super-annoying than super-lethal.

The weapon showcased is an assault rifle with a grenade launcher, but no doubt there will be others, the coolest of which you have to pull out your wallet for.

The only gripe so far is the Terminators simply collapse when they’re dead. I want to see parts and pieces breaking off and sparks and fire and a big boom! But they just fall to the ground when the hit points reach 0. But then again, how can I complain when the game is free?

That’s Glu’s fall-back, no doubt. If the game sucks, all they have to say is, “It’s free!” Glu is genius.

Terminator Genisys: Revolution is coming very soon to both iOS and Android.

Sym on Steam — The Unsolvable Puzzle of Fear

Finally, a game to overcome my sociophobia! I’ve been waiting for this for 30 years.

Sym launched on Steam. It’s a platform game about fear. The launch trailer showcases the gameplay. Like an old black and white cartoon, our hero, Josh, travels from puzzle to puzzle, overcoming obstacles that represent different stages of social anxiety. Walls close in. Pitfalls are everywhere. Monsters lurk waiting to eat you. Yes, that’s real life.

Josh is a teenager and the game definitely mirrors the horrors of normal teenage-hood. There’s doubt and insecurities that must be overcome. Josh changes from a normal kid to an invertebrate, amoeba-like creature that slithers around corners and narrow pathways. He becomes someone else in the face of this fear. I remember that. I also see some of this now, except now, it’s called office politics.

The game’s art is surreal, like a dream or a person’s psychology. The focus is light and dark – shapes and contrast rather than details. Theme is those etches and ink doodling we used to do during class to avoid making eye contact with people. Right on target there. It also reminds me of those ink-blotch shrink exercises that shrinks do on their subjects.

What does this spot of ink look like to you?

What does Sym look like to me? An interesting puzzle game with a whole bunch of annoying little metaphorical and didactic subtext that really will annoy me more than help me become a confident, fearless power ranger….

Maybe there’s a game to help me overcome my negativity and pessimism?

Sym is out now on Steam.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Launch Trailer — Holy Cow, Flaming Zombie Nazis!

It’s late night at MachineGames and the question is, “How do we make Nazis even more fun to blast away into bits and pieces?” After a long period of silence, someone yells out, “Zombie Nazis!” More silence. And then someone else yells out, “Flaming Zombie Nazis!” Everyone erupts in cheers.

That’s how I imagine things went down when they developed this game. How do you follow up Wolfenstein: The New Order? Last year’s top FPNS (First Person Nazi Shooter) gave us tons of creative new ways to take out them Nazis. How do you top that?

The answer is Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

wolfenstein the old blood video game

The launch trailer for the standalone prequel to The New Order shows us some fine Nazi blasting. The tools of Nazi-removal are back – guns, bombs, pipes, kabars — but the Nazis are Flaming Zombie Nazis, which increases the level of Nazi-blasting satisfaction.

Flaming Zombie Nazis blow up nicely. Flaming Zombie Nazis fall out of the sky. Flaming Zombie Nazis crawl out of the gutters. Flaming Zombie Nazis!

There are also regular Nazis and Nazis in robotic battle armor. But…I don’t care about Nazis in robotic battle armor. Just give me more Flaming Zombie Nazis!

Game is out now, so get it!

Mad Max Gameplay Overview Trailer — The Thunderdome Awaits!

Mad Max: Fury Road looks like more than just an add-on to a dead franchise. It actually looks like a sequel worth seeing. And the new Mad Max video game looks to be more than just a tie-in to the movie.

The gameplay overview trailer tells me guys spent long nights and lots of cash on pizzas making this game. The post-apocalyptic Mad Max world we love is vast and crawling with all kinds of strange folks. There are some guys with glowing eyes. And no doubt some cannibalism, even Mad Max nibble a bit on a human carcass at 2:52 of the trailer. There are also some dudes with red-glowing eyes. Reminds me of those Narlock things from Time Machine – yeah, they were human once.

Cars are the main point of Mad Max. Put scrap metal on normal cars and you get Magnum Opus. That’s the true fantasy of Mad Max. Every dude who’s seen the movie has looked at his own car and said, I could make my Hyundai super awesome if this was a dead barren post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The car battles are intense. The action is fast. Things blow up. Things crash. The battles go on for miles. Every car is different. Some amazing gameplay there.

The weakest aspect of the game is the melee. It’s your typical third-person push buttons-really-fast-and-move-around that we’ve seen in Assassin’s Creed and Ryse among others. No real wow-factor there.

But really, the best part about this game is of course, the Thunderdome. We get a glimpse of it at 3:50 of the trailer. Doesn’t seem to be a main attraction, but you have to do it. Yeah, you got to do the Thunderdome at least once in your life. Definitely a bucket-list item.

Game’s got everything. Game looks awesome.

Release date is September 1, 2015 on Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Bandolier on Kickstarter – The Good, the Bad, and the very very Raw

Some games on Kickstarter require more kick-starting than others. Bandolier looks like it will need a HUGE kick, and maybe some high-voltage, Frankenstein shock treatment to bring it to life. It’s raw. Cut-outs moving around.

But what I love about Bandolier is the idea. It’s a spaghetti Western. Yes, those Clint Eastwood flicks where all the Mexicans speak Italian instead of Spanish. Love those!

Bandolier wants to make it a ‘90s style FPS, like Wolfenstein and Doom. They need $9,300 to get it going. Right now, they have $8.00. That means even their friends and family haven’t anted up. 17 days left.

Time’s running out, and I’m not big on the ‘90s style FPS, but the overall subject and concept is cool. A spaghetti Western with all the quirkiness and the cartoon-like characters and all the clear-cut good versus bad (and the ugly). And the duels. A Western game has to have draws. Doesn’t seem like Bandolier will have that, unfortunately.

There’s a gatling gun, although I don’t really need a gatling gun. What’s more interesting in a Western are the six-shooters. Bandolier’s got plenty of those. Throw in some gambling, too. And bar fights and public hangings.

I would like to see a spaghetti Western game at some point. Hope this one is the one, but they’ve got some work to do.