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Sick Bricks Mobile F2P Game Review — Character Beaming, greatest invention since…LEGO

1) Game Experience: High 2) Game Value: High 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Beam me up! My review guidelines are here. Character Beaming has to be the greatest invention since…LEGO. Sick Bricks, the toy, wants to be LEGO. Put pieces together to make something. Sick Bricks has more hip, more South-Park-ish characters like a guy who farts.… Read More »

Etrian Mystery Dungeon RPG — The Wanderer will rock your Dungeon!

Old-school dungeon crawlers still sell like hot cakes. Etrian Mystery Dungeon for Nintendo 3DS is more than just an homage. It IS an old-school-ish dungeon crawler. Cartoony, anime characters with big glassy eyes and the turn-based battles. A story about bad guys in dungeons and treasure and everything and everything. Takes me back to way-back-when.… Read More »