Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer – Don’t Mess with a Sullustan!

By | April 20, 2015

Sullustans are like Kato of Green Hornet. They’re sidekicks who do some serious rear-kicking. The most famous Sullustan is Lando’s Millennium Falcon co-pilot, Nien Nunb. Yeah, he kind of freaks out a bit in Return of the Jedi, but he’s right there when they blow up the Death Star. Put that on your resume: “Assisted in the destruction of the most terrible weapon in the entire galaxy”.

Star Wars

Nien Nunb. He kinda loses it, but still gets the job done.

A Sullustan is the big-time Bruce Lee-esqe stand-out in the new Reveal Trailer for Star Wars Battlefront. This one is an infantryman. At about :53 into the two-minute trailer, he blows up an AT-ST all by himself. In the sequence, his human comrade hides under a bubble-shield and tells the Sullustan to blow up the AT-ST. I would’ve said, “Dude, you blow up the AT-ST!” But not this Sullustan. He’s a hero. He’s brave (or he’s incredibly stupid). He puts on his jet-pack, launches into mid-air and shoots a rocket at the AT-ST with Jedi accuracy. Give me a dozen Sullustans and I’ll conquer the galaxy.

After the AT-ST crash-and-burns, the Sullustan looks up to see an AT-AT approaching. For those of you young-ens who don’t know your Star Wars, the AT-ST is the two-legged walker, and the AT-AT is the four-legged one. Huge, slow, clumsy things. One wonders why the Empire would deploy them in a jungle. In fact, one wonders why deploy them anywhere at all.

They had the most screen time in Empire Strikes Back in the Battle of Hoth. They have thick armor, which the rebels can’t penetrate with their pee-shooters. But then the clever rebels figure out how to bring them down: trip them! Yes, put a string around their legs and they’ll fall. Genius! It is amazing that the Empire would deploy them, and it’s also a head-scratcher that the Rebel strategists couldn’t figure out that you can counter them with strings to trip them up.

Star Wars

AT-AT: they’re big, slow, and they’ll blow up if they trip.

Anyway, back to the Sullustan. He sees the AT-AT, and I just know he’ll drop them, too. But before he can, several Y-Wing Bombers blast them above. Bummer. I wanted to see the Sullustan jack up them ugly things.

Star Wars Battlefront is going to be awesome, and I’m definitely playing a Sullustan. It goes on sale November 17 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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