Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer — Speak Softly and Carry a BIG Sword

By | April 14, 2015

What is it about the Japanese and their big…HUGE…swords? Is it some kind of inferiority complex? After all, Japan’s had a turbulent, violent history. Do they love big swords because a big sword means power, which has been a MacGuffin for much of their past?

Xenoblade won’t be Xenoblade without the blade. And they’ve got some big blades. Check out the one at 12:41 of the new 30-minute Japanese-version “trailer”. Look at that ridiculously huge sword. As clumsy and cumbersome as they are, every Japanese action-adventure RPG seems to have one. And these blades always pack some serious punch – how else would one justify their existence?

Xenoblade Chronicles X (not sure why the X yet) is an open-world action role-playing game. The trailer shows some of the best art-directed worlds in gaming today. Most of it reminds me the South Pacific Islands with its strange rock formations, jungles and caves. Nothing too exotic, though.

The characters are typical anime-style deal with big dilated eyes. Nothing new.

The biggest disappointment are the Dolls, the robots that transform into vehicles. You need them to transform because the world is huge and need the ride, whether it’s a field or over water. Some can also fly. The Dolls in their robot form are cool – similar to Gundam – but the vehicles look ridiculous. It’s difficult to determine if they were going for practicality or what, but it’s not sleek like the fighters in Star Wars Episodes 1-3, nor are they ruggedy and beat-up like the vehicles in Star Wars 4-6. It’s somewhere in between. They look messy and ugly, and things stick out where they really shouldn’t stick out.

But it’s all good because they’ve got Big Swords.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is out on Wii U in the United States sometime this year.

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