James Bond: Spectre GTA V Remake — Movie-making will be Shaken and Stirred

By | April 8, 2015

Powerlight-13 is doing some ground-breaking work. He has Grand Theft Auto V. He has an editing program. He has time. He recreates movie trailers. He did one for Star Wars VII, and now he’s got 007. Check out his awesome Spectre trailer remake:

Okay, it’s not exactly ground-breaking, earth-shaking stuff. It’s fun, it’s viral, that’s it. But you can imagine the possibilities here with a game like Grand Theft Auto or possibly something new altogether…

An SDK for making movies.

You have the models. You have the locations. You have the vehicles, wardrobe, props, etc, etc. It’s open source and communal like Second Life. Players add new worlds, new skins, and so on.
And then something new perhaps. Easily customizable facial gestures, body language and lips that read and act lines just like in the real world.

Like the camcorder, anyone at any time can create realistic animated movies. All they need is a computer and time.
Not a novel idea. People do that already. But it ain’t too far now. Some thirteen-year old kid will make an amazing film during his summer break, put it on YouTube and launch a film career.

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