Hush Action-Adventure Video Game on Kickstarter — Who says little girls can’t be super-heroes?

By | April 7, 2015

Little girls don’t cry. They fight!

Ashlyn is a tough little toddler. She’s a swing-gogo-first, take-names-later kinda girl. She’s also the star of the new action-adventure, Hush, from Game Studio 78 (what happened to the other 77?).

Hush is on Kickstarter and it’s got some work to do: currently 282 pounds of 99,000 goal with 26 days left. But the game looks very fundable.

Ashlyn is trapped in an orphanage and she needs to escape. But there are ghosts in the way. Every creepy creature that scared us as kids. But Ashlyn isn’t hiding under the bed. She’s fighting. Her weapons? Her trusted BFF doll, Gogo, which she swings like she means it.

hush video game

Ashlyn is bad and she ain’t kidding

Gameplay is top-down, dungeon-crawl-ish, like old Diablo, and a bit too dark, but it allows for quick exploration and battling bad guys.

There are also puzzles and other adventure story-line to keep things interesting.

The orphanage is also a good choice. I didn’t grow up in one, but have seen enough movies to know that’s where all the ghosts are.

I was a scared little boy. Twisted shadows would make me cry like a…little girl. But no more of that…not with Ashlyn swinging her Gogo.

Let’s fund this game!

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