Etrian Mystery Dungeon RPG — The Wanderer will rock your Dungeon!

By | April 1, 2015

Old-school dungeon crawlers still sell like hot cakes. Etrian Mystery Dungeon for Nintendo 3DS is more than just an homage. It IS an old-school-ish dungeon crawler. Cartoony, anime characters with big glassy eyes and the turn-based battles. A story about bad guys in dungeons and treasure and everything and everything. Takes me back to way-back-when.

But they still sell. Etrian Mystery Dungeon, which is out in the U.S. on April 7 is already a high-seller in Japan. The Japanese love this stuff, and so do Americans. This game will sell here.

The full trailer shows you everything you need to know about this game. That is, it’ll show you everything you already know about dungeon-crawler RPGs. Classes, dungeons, skills, guilds, etc, etc. Not much difference than retro-awesome Suikoden 2. And check out the dungeon map at :36. That’s essentially the same dungeon map we saw in Phantasie 3 from the 1980s! Don’t matter, though. If it’s anything like Suikoden 2 and Phantasie 3, then Etrian Mystery Dungeon will rock.

The coolest new about old-school-ish Etrian Mystery Dungeon are the classes. Essentially, they’re similar to the usual line-up like warrior, mage, thief, et al. But they have more awesome names and abilities. For example, The Wanderer.

Yes…The Wanderer.

How cool is that? Like David Carradine in Kung Fu. Or the Hulk. Like Easy Rider. Goes from place to place, live off the land. Kinda like a bum, I guess. There should be an RPG with a Hobo class.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Video Game

The Wanderer wanders and don’t take no nothing from nobody.

The Wanderer is like a scout or ranger in Etrian Mystery Dungeon, replacing the Survivalist from the previous games, which is another awesome class.

Other classes include Gunner, Dancer, Hexer, Protector, Runemaster, Ninja, Sovereign, and Landsknecht. Landsknecht? What the heck is a Landsknecht? Doesn’t matter. It sounds cool. And this game is going to be cool, too.

Yep, Etrian Mystery Dungeon is going to rock. Can’t wait to crawl some dungeons!

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Video Game

The Landsknecht. Fancy name for a simple knight.

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