Ride Superbike Video Game — Some killer knee-scraping good time

By | March 31, 2015

Ride Demo is out and as much as I dig racing games, my knees ache whenever I see these superbikes. Goes back to when I was a kid. There’s a retro-retro PC game called Superbike Challenge. That was a cool game. You had split-screen multiplayer. Tracks had a range of difficulty from easy to a big-pain-in-the…knees.


Ride has some great scenery and bikes are super well-detailed. Some of the motion of the riders and bodies seems stiff – like stick figures at times. Look at the riders at :19. They look like stock models and if you look at the shadows, they’re actually floating and not firmly on the ground. Italian developer, Milestone needs to do more work.

Like all racing games, you have customizable bikes, a cool scenic track and speed. All super, but what’s the edge? Superbikes, of course! These guys are going REALLY fast! And their knees are inches from a lifetime of aching. Aches in the morning when you wake up. Aches when it’s cold. Aches when it’s hot. Aches, aches, aches. That’s the future of a superbiker who loses his balance.

Back to the ‘80s…. Superbike challenge was a killer game. I still remember the sound it makes when you hit the edge of track. BuBuBuBuBu….. You hear that sound and next thing you know…your knees are achin’.

Superbike Challenge had some amazing knee-scraping action.

Superbike Challenge had some amazing knee-scraping action.

Ride looks awesome but it needs more tweaking.

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