Project CARS racing tracks trailer — 100 miles per hour in the FOG?

By | March 26, 2015

Project CARS has tracks. Lots of tracks. Each one looks awesome, and it’s not because they’re pristine – some have cracks and other natural wear and tear. The weather effects are hot as well. Rain, heat, the clouds in the sky. Everything looks awesome.  Check out the trailer, which shows many of them from the Mid-East desert to the Mediterranean.

The most interesting track is California Highway 1, or the Pacific Coast Highway, or the PCH as we call it here in Cali. It’s a scenic beautiful drive down California, especially from Santa Cruz down to Newport Beach. PCH is like Yosemite – gotta see it at least once in a lifetime.

Project Cars Racing Video Game

Pacific Coast Highway is beautiful but dangerous.

PCH is also a major pain-in-the-rear to drive. Ever take that route all the way down from NorCal to SoCal? 10+ hours of winding and turning. You ain’t got time to enjoy the scenery. The same things that’ll make this an intriguing race track makes it a headache if you’re the driver.

And the weather on the PCH. Usually, amazing weather. Often, though, you’ll get that heavy marine layer. Can’t see more than a few feet in front. That’s PCH. Gorgeous, but sometimes a death trap you’ll be praising the Lord above to get out of alive. Will Project CARS have fog on the PCH?

Project Cars Racing Video Game

Try doing 100mph on this…. no, actually, don’t try it.

The game’s out on PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, and PC in 2016.

Project Cars Racing Video Game

Raindrops falling on my hood…

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