Crowfall on Kickstarter — Kick-butt video game, but December 2016?

By | March 24, 2015

Crowfall is an awesome awesome game. The most awesomest I’ve seen on Kickstarter. Even more than games that promise the world. It hit its goal of $800K easy and it’s approaching $1.5 million with just over a day remaining. The only problem?

ETA is December 2016!

In the gaming world, a year and half is like a decade (though it often doesn’t seem like it given all those Assassin’s Creed rehashes).

I don’t know if I can wait that long. I don’t know what the gaming world will be like in December 2016. Will there be similar games out there by then? Will someone BIG swoop in and snatch up ArtCraft Entertainment ultimately doing what ArtCraft says it doesn’t want – give up autonomy and creative control? Integrity is one thing. Millions and millions of dollars is another.

The game is truly awesome. Did I mention that already?

Your character evolves. The world’s change. Campaigns change. There’s power and intrigue and alliances and betrayals so intense that it’ll probably spill over into the real world and we’ll see it on CNN at some point. Whatever…game is awesome!

It wants to be “Game of Thrones meets EVE Online”. I would be happy with just Game of Thrones. It even has similar music, similar factions and even Crowfall sounds Throne-ish (Winterfell? Crows?).

All good and all awesome. But December 2016 is a long time to wait.

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