Magic Leap — Is this the Future of Gaming?

By | March 23, 2015

Who knows what Magic Leap is? What exactly do they do? The word, Techno-Biology, came up. What the heck is that? Do they make cyborgs? Or androids?

Based on what I’ve read, they make wearables. Some kind of glasses that project objects into the real world. So, you’re in your living room and you see a ghost standing in front of you. That’s what I would use it for. To freak myself out. I’m sure teenage boys would use it for something else.

Google invested in them big time. Like half-a-bil. So, maybe Magic Leap’s the Google Glass, juiced up big time to hit more home runs.

They put out a less-than-exciting video last week. Basically, an office worker killing time watching kitty videos decides to play an FPS. He picks out a gun and battles waves of robot invaders. He blasts them as they appear, and the climax is a bigger robot that crashes through the wall and blasts him. Watching it is probably not as cool as playing this “game” if this is a real game at all.

How do you replicate the coolness of a real wearable glasses in a video? You can’t, because most of those effects can be created by Joe Nothing on Cinema 4D.

So, all you have is a lame shooter video game. I hope it’s at least a proof of concept that shows that you can make your office or living room into a virtual warzone.

Are these virtual glasses the future of gaming?

I don’t think so.

It could fit a niche. But do most gamers really want to walk and run, and flail their arms around? Or simulate the Leap of Faith? I want to sink into a nice comfy sofa and not have to strap things all over my body, which will reek of sweat after a while.

Nerds will dig it, and it’ll be cool to try, but I don’t see these virtual wearable games having a far reach. I would prefer something that goes straight into my brain – like Total Recall or The Matrix. I’m lying down and playing the game with my thoughts – don’t have to lift a finger. Of course, I need to know it’s a game at all times, and it can’t cause permanent brain damage. That’s the real future of gaming.

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