Military Masters Mobile Video Game Review — I miss the Cold War….

By | March 18, 2015

1) Game Experience: High

2) Game Value: High

3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Fight On, but don’t let the arms race collapse your personal Berlin Wall

Here are my Review Guidelines.

I’m all for Cold War era conventional super-power warfare and DeNA Corp’s Military Masters hits that target. Kind of. It’s not exactly the war machines of the twentieth century. No M60s or Sabre jet fighters. But it has fictional units that resemble Cold War technology. I’ll take it.

military masters mobile video game

Don’t get into an arms race.

Military Masters is a mobile F2P and it’s surprisingly fun. You buy or acquire the weapons of small-destruction, roll them out for some engaging PvP. The PvP is what makes this game addictive. You pick four units of the same type (sea, land or air) and you position them, tell them how to fight, use up energy meter and blast away your opponent. The animation could be faster, but there’s enough tactics and unit selection variety to keep the fight interesting.

military masters mobile video game

Battles requires some skill

Like all other F2Ps, you’ll need patience. Keep it on a rotation with other F2Ps. I keep coming back to it, do a couple battles, leave, then come back to it. I won’t be spending real money, though, and that’s the point I’ll probably delete it from my device. But for now, it’s an arms-race good time.

military masters mobile video game

There are sea units, land units and air units.

military masters mobile video game

Research and development will keep you alive, comrade!

military masters mobile video game

Tear down this wall to victory!

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