Age of Sparta Mobile Game Review — the Stone Age of F2Ps

By | March 17, 2015

1) Game Experience: Low

2) Game Value: Medium

3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Let’s enter a new Age, please.

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Gameloft is a machine. They churn out mobile games like Rovio churns out Angry Bird stuff. Age of Sparta is the next in the long line of formulaic MMO F2Ps to hit the mobile world. So many of these coming out that someday they will run out of words to combine with “Age” in the title.

The purpose of these games is of course to make money. Get people playing, get people connected, get people annoyed with energy meters that they’ll pay real money. These games must be cheap to make because if it starts to die, they just come up with a new one.

Age of Sparta Mobile Video Game

Buy cool units at the shop.

Age of Sparta is nothing to write about, but I’m here writing about it. Why? These reviews seem to get views. So, I ain’t much better than Gameloft, I suppose. Like the other games coming out, if Age of Sparta is the only game out there right now, I would play it. It’s got cool graphics. And unlike the real Sparta of history, you can recruit monsters like medusas to fight with you. Some of these monsters are worth checking out and waiting for. But the enemies are cooler than what you recruit.

Age of Sparta Mobile Video Game

Build troops here.

The game is your typical F2P strategy. Use energy meters. Buy and build stuff. Wait for it to finish. Collect money and build more stuff. As you get stronger and complete more quests, the higher you move up in the rankings. You also join leagues or guilds and battle other leagues or guilds.

The battles try to incorporate some strategy. Units with special skills can use those skills when their energy meter is up. Tactical positioning matters somewhat. Different units offer up different advantages. Overall, though, you want these battles to be done with and so you can reap the rewards and start building and buying stuff.

Age of Sparta Mobile Video Game

Battles have cool units

There’s also a campaign mode with some interesting stories and battles.

Age of Sparta Mobile Video Game

Campaigns might get interesting

Overall, though, Age of Sparta has nothing to distance itself from all the other “Age” games out there right now. Hopefully soon, we’ll enter the Age of “someone-please-come-up-with-something-new”!

Age of Sparta Mobile Video Game

Victory can be yours, but how much real $$$?

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    I honestly this this is better than most f2p because there is less pressure to p2w.


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