Dawn of Titans Announce Trailer — Truly Epic F2P?

By | March 5, 2015

War is here!

Zynga’s NaturalMotion wants to go where no mobile game has gone before. War is coming. And it ain’t your garden-variety split-screen turn-based old-school battles. We’re talking massive epic battles with hordes of troops. We’re talking Lord of the Rings battles. Total War battles. Desktop battles but it doesn’t need the oomph of your desktop. It’s called Dawn of Titans, and it’s on your phone, man. And it’s free-to-play, which means it’s got to be kick-butt and catchy as well as epic. NaturalMotion claims it passes its “Starbucks line test” – which means it can be played quick, like when your boss is on that phone call, or your tutor’s taking a leak.

The announcement trailer shows some amazing gameplay and graphics. Battles are indeed epic. You command thousands of men in real-time massive warfare against other players.

dawn of titans video game

The power of ten thousand soldiers…on your phone!

The titans are indeed titans. They’re big. They kick butt. There’s a wide variety of them.

So far, Dawn of Titans seems to be as advertised and hyped.

But it’s still an F2P!

Does that mean the same F2P lameness like energy meters and in-app purchases and other F2P annoyances? So, if you want to build those troops or that castle, you gotta wait an hour or more, or spend real money?

This game looks awesome. And I’ll pay for that awesomeness. A game of this quality should just be pay-to-play, and do away with the F2P peeves.

dawn of titans video game

My kingdom for free?

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