Amplitude Reborn Video Game Trailer — Dropping more than just notes….

By | March 3, 2015

The original Amplitude was to video games what 2001: A Space Odyssey was to movies. A wild crazy trip after dropping…stuff. Pumping Garbage, Bowie, DJ HMX, et al, you go for a ride through psychedelic-ville. Sometimes you miss a note or two but it don’t matter because it’s the process that matters, man. The journey. Some serious good times, good times.

It calls itself a cult classic. The first game wasn’t that long ago. When I think classic, I’m thinking Hendrix and Zeppelin, not Coldplay, but it says the 2003 games is a classic so I guess it’s a classic. A cult classic, like The Warriors, right?

It took crowd-funding on Kickstarter, and Harmonix, the original group, is rebirthing it. The trailer’s out, and it looks like more wild rides to be had, very soon.

At first, the game seems like a mobile deal. Like the ultra-annoying Minion Rush. But keep watching and rocking to the groove. Drop some…stuff, inhale some…oxygen, and you’ll be like, this is groovy. And groovy times three because you can play with your buddies. Multiplayer, man, get my drift? In the trailer, Roger, Mari and Ryan are having some good times together, “kickin’ it easy with the fellas”, as I used to call it.

You gotta hit the notes, move with the rhythm of the music. The more you groove with the beat, the higher the score. So, yeah, it’s a music game, but it’s also a groovy-get-down game, know what I’m saying?

Yeah, you do.

It’ll be out on PS3 and PS4 sometime this year.

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