Monthly Archives: March 2015

Big Game Hunter: Africa on Kickstarter — Closest to real hunting?

Big game hunting is intense. Massive beasts that’ll trample you like a cockroach and ferocious man-eaters who will hunt you as much as you are hunting them. Stand on the wrong side of the wind, and you are dinner. Get caught in the bush after dark and you’ll never go potty sitting down again. That… Read More »

Project CARS racing tracks trailer — 100 miles per hour in the FOG?

Project CARS has tracks. Lots of tracks. Each one looks awesome, and it’s not because they’re pristine – some have cracks and other natural wear and tear. The weather effects are hot as well. Rain, heat, the clouds in the sky. Everything looks awesome.  Check out the trailer, which shows many of them from the… Read More »

Crowfall on Kickstarter — Kick-butt video game, but December 2016?

Crowfall is an awesome awesome game. The most awesomest I’ve seen on Kickstarter. Even more than games that promise the world. It hit its goal of $800K easy and it’s approaching $1.5 million with just over a day remaining. The only problem? ETA is December 2016! In the gaming world, a year and half is… Read More »

Military Masters Mobile Video Game Review — I miss the Cold War….

1) Game Experience: High 2) Game Value: High 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Fight On, but don’t let the arms race collapse your personal Berlin Wall Here are my Review Guidelines. I’m all for Cold War era conventional super-power warfare and DeNA Corp’s Military Masters hits that target. Kind of. It’s not exactly the war machines of… Read More »

Age of Sparta Mobile Game Review — the Stone Age of F2Ps

1) Game Experience: Low 2) Game Value: Medium 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Let’s enter a new Age, please. My Review Guidelines. Gameloft is a machine. They churn out mobile games like Rovio churns out Angry Bird stuff. Age of Sparta is the next in the long line of formulaic MMO F2Ps to hit the mobile world.… Read More »

LEGO Jurassic World Game Official Trailer – Kill Two Pterodactyls with one BIG LEGO brick

It’s hard to believe LEGO has been around since 1949. And it’s also hard to believe the first Jurassic Park movie came out in 1994. But both are still alive and kicking, and if you play the new LEGO Jurassic World Game, you’ll kill two pterodactyls with one boulder. The teaser trailer came out in… Read More »

Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Trailer — Cops and Robbers…Genius!

One day you have a beautiful work of art like Ori and the Blind Forest, and the next day, you have Battlefield Hardline. That sums up the gaming world today, and how wide and eclectic it has become. How do you add some new oomph to something old?  Cops and robbers, man.  Genius creativity! You… Read More »