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Ride Superbike Video Game — Some killer knee-scraping good time

Ride Demo is out and as much as I dig racing games, my knees ache whenever I see these superbikes. Goes back to when I was a kid. There’s a retro-retro PC game called Superbike Challenge. That was a cool game. You had split-screen multiplayer. Tracks had a range of difficulty from easy to a big-pain-in-the…knees.


Ride has some great scenery and bikes are super well-detailed. Some of the motion of the riders and bodies seems stiff – like stick figures at times. Look at the riders at :19. They look like stock models and if you look at the shadows, they’re actually floating and not firmly on the ground. Italian developer, Milestone needs to do more work.

Like all racing games, you have customizable bikes, a cool scenic track and speed. All super, but what’s the edge? Superbikes, of course! These guys are going REALLY fast! And their knees are inches from a lifetime of aching. Aches in the morning when you wake up. Aches when it’s cold. Aches when it’s hot. Aches, aches, aches. That’s the future of a superbiker who loses his balance.

Back to the ‘80s…. Superbike challenge was a killer game. I still remember the sound it makes when you hit the edge of track. BuBuBuBuBu….. You hear that sound and next thing you know…your knees are achin’.

Superbike Challenge had some amazing knee-scraping action.

Superbike Challenge had some amazing knee-scraping action.

Ride looks awesome but it needs more tweaking.

Big Game Hunter: Africa on Kickstarter — Closest to real hunting?

Big game hunting is intense. Massive beasts that’ll trample you like a cockroach and ferocious man-eaters who will hunt you as much as you are hunting them. Stand on the wrong side of the wind, and you are dinner. Get caught in the bush after dark and you’ll never go potty sitting down again. That is the intensity of big game hunting.

Or, at least, that’s how I imagine it to be.

I’ll never know what it’s really like. I’ll never go hunting – not even duck in the local pond, let alone on the African wilderness. My personal feelings about hunting aside, I do want to experience – as close as possible – the feeling of being in the wild with these incredible creatures, tracking them down and having one in your sights.

That’s where Gyroscopic Games’ Big Game Hunter: Africa comes in. It’s currently on Kickstarter at $21.00 of $15,000 with 27 days to go. On first look, it looks like an unfinished first-person hunter, very similar to Deer Hunter and Cabela’s African Adventure. Unfinished is an understatement. It looks extremely raw based on the gameplay shows on the Kickstarter video. But the big sales point for Big Game Hunter is that it will be on Oculus Rift. 6D world where you put on some goggles and you’re big game hunter in Africa. That sounds pretty cool. The game will also be on mobile, but let’s disregard that until we see a finished product.

Going back to Oculus VR, the hunting game has to be intense. You can’t just point and shoot like it does on the Kickstarter video. You’ve got to incorporate tracking – digging through feces and putting your fingers on fresh paw prints and all that. That’s the essence of real hunting. And tall grass and foliage where you have to battle the elements, and the unknown, and the crazy possibility of that big mad gorilla or lion hiding a few feet from you, ready to trounce on your face. That’s how you take full advantage of a hunting game on Oculus VR. Work on some of that and I might fund this. Gyroscopic’s hunter is just too raw, but I’m thinking it’ll come eventually.

For now, back to Deer Hunter and blasting some wolverines!

Project CARS racing tracks trailer — 100 miles per hour in the FOG?

Project CARS has tracks. Lots of tracks. Each one looks awesome, and it’s not because they’re pristine – some have cracks and other natural wear and tear. The weather effects are hot as well. Rain, heat, the clouds in the sky. Everything looks awesome.  Check out the trailer, which shows many of them from the Mid-East desert to the Mediterranean.

The most interesting track is California Highway 1, or the Pacific Coast Highway, or the PCH as we call it here in Cali. It’s a scenic beautiful drive down California, especially from Santa Cruz down to Newport Beach. PCH is like Yosemite – gotta see it at least once in a lifetime.

Project Cars Racing Video Game

Pacific Coast Highway is beautiful but dangerous.

PCH is also a major pain-in-the-rear to drive. Ever take that route all the way down from NorCal to SoCal? 10+ hours of winding and turning. You ain’t got time to enjoy the scenery. The same things that’ll make this an intriguing race track makes it a headache if you’re the driver.

And the weather on the PCH. Usually, amazing weather. Often, though, you’ll get that heavy marine layer. Can’t see more than a few feet in front. That’s PCH. Gorgeous, but sometimes a death trap you’ll be praising the Lord above to get out of alive. Will Project CARS have fog on the PCH?

Project Cars Racing Video Game

Try doing 100mph on this…. no, actually, don’t try it.

The game’s out on PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, and PC in 2016.

Project Cars Racing Video Game

Raindrops falling on my hood…

Crowfall on Kickstarter — Kick-butt video game, but December 2016?

Crowfall is an awesome awesome game. The most awesomest I’ve seen on Kickstarter. Even more than games that promise the world. It hit its goal of $800K easy and it’s approaching $1.5 million with just over a day remaining. The only problem?

ETA is December 2016!

In the gaming world, a year and half is like a decade (though it often doesn’t seem like it given all those Assassin’s Creed rehashes).

I don’t know if I can wait that long. I don’t know what the gaming world will be like in December 2016. Will there be similar games out there by then? Will someone BIG swoop in and snatch up ArtCraft Entertainment ultimately doing what ArtCraft says it doesn’t want – give up autonomy and creative control? Integrity is one thing. Millions and millions of dollars is another.

The game is truly awesome. Did I mention that already?

Your character evolves. The world’s change. Campaigns change. There’s power and intrigue and alliances and betrayals so intense that it’ll probably spill over into the real world and we’ll see it on CNN at some point. Whatever…game is awesome!

It wants to be “Game of Thrones meets EVE Online”. I would be happy with just Game of Thrones. It even has similar music, similar factions and even Crowfall sounds Throne-ish (Winterfell? Crows?).

All good and all awesome. But December 2016 is a long time to wait.

Magic Leap — Is this the Future of Gaming?

Who knows what Magic Leap is? What exactly do they do? The word, Techno-Biology, came up. What the heck is that? Do they make cyborgs? Or androids?

Based on what I’ve read, they make wearables. Some kind of glasses that project objects into the real world. So, you’re in your living room and you see a ghost standing in front of you. That’s what I would use it for. To freak myself out. I’m sure teenage boys would use it for something else.

Google invested in them big time. Like half-a-bil. So, maybe Magic Leap’s the Google Glass, juiced up big time to hit more home runs.

They put out a less-than-exciting video last week. Basically, an office worker killing time watching kitty videos decides to play an FPS. He picks out a gun and battles waves of robot invaders. He blasts them as they appear, and the climax is a bigger robot that crashes through the wall and blasts him. Watching it is probably not as cool as playing this “game” if this is a real game at all.

How do you replicate the coolness of a real wearable glasses in a video? You can’t, because most of those effects can be created by Joe Nothing on Cinema 4D.

So, all you have is a lame shooter video game. I hope it’s at least a proof of concept that shows that you can make your office or living room into a virtual warzone.

Are these virtual glasses the future of gaming?

I don’t think so.

It could fit a niche. But do most gamers really want to walk and run, and flail their arms around? Or simulate the Leap of Faith? I want to sink into a nice comfy sofa and not have to strap things all over my body, which will reek of sweat after a while.

Nerds will dig it, and it’ll be cool to try, but I don’t see these virtual wearable games having a far reach. I would prefer something that goes straight into my brain – like Total Recall or The Matrix. I’m lying down and playing the game with my thoughts – don’t have to lift a finger. Of course, I need to know it’s a game at all times, and it can’t cause permanent brain damage. That’s the real future of gaming.

Military Masters Mobile Video Game Review — I miss the Cold War….

1) Game Experience: High

2) Game Value: High

3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Fight On, but don’t let the arms race collapse your personal Berlin Wall

Here are my Review Guidelines.

I’m all for Cold War era conventional super-power warfare and DeNA Corp’s Military Masters hits that target. Kind of. It’s not exactly the war machines of the twentieth century. No M60s or Sabre jet fighters. But it has fictional units that resemble Cold War technology. I’ll take it.

military masters mobile video game

Don’t get into an arms race.

Military Masters is a mobile F2P and it’s surprisingly fun. You buy or acquire the weapons of small-destruction, roll them out for some engaging PvP. The PvP is what makes this game addictive. You pick four units of the same type (sea, land or air) and you position them, tell them how to fight, use up energy meter and blast away your opponent. The animation could be faster, but there’s enough tactics and unit selection variety to keep the fight interesting.

military masters mobile video game

Battles requires some skill

Like all other F2Ps, you’ll need patience. Keep it on a rotation with other F2Ps. I keep coming back to it, do a couple battles, leave, then come back to it. I won’t be spending real money, though, and that’s the point I’ll probably delete it from my device. But for now, it’s an arms-race good time.

military masters mobile video game

There are sea units, land units and air units.

military masters mobile video game

Research and development will keep you alive, comrade!

military masters mobile video game

Tear down this wall to victory!

Age of Sparta Mobile Game Review — the Stone Age of F2Ps

1) Game Experience: Low

2) Game Value: Medium

3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Let’s enter a new Age, please.

My Review Guidelines.

Gameloft is a machine. They churn out mobile games like Rovio churns out Angry Bird stuff. Age of Sparta is the next in the long line of formulaic MMO F2Ps to hit the mobile world. So many of these coming out that someday they will run out of words to combine with “Age” in the title.

The purpose of these games is of course to make money. Get people playing, get people connected, get people annoyed with energy meters that they’ll pay real money. These games must be cheap to make because if it starts to die, they just come up with a new one.

Age of Sparta Mobile Video Game

Buy cool units at the shop.

Age of Sparta is nothing to write about, but I’m here writing about it. Why? These reviews seem to get views. So, I ain’t much better than Gameloft, I suppose. Like the other games coming out, if Age of Sparta is the only game out there right now, I would play it. It’s got cool graphics. And unlike the real Sparta of history, you can recruit monsters like medusas to fight with you. Some of these monsters are worth checking out and waiting for. But the enemies are cooler than what you recruit.

Age of Sparta Mobile Video Game

Build troops here.

The game is your typical F2P strategy. Use energy meters. Buy and build stuff. Wait for it to finish. Collect money and build more stuff. As you get stronger and complete more quests, the higher you move up in the rankings. You also join leagues or guilds and battle other leagues or guilds.

The battles try to incorporate some strategy. Units with special skills can use those skills when their energy meter is up. Tactical positioning matters somewhat. Different units offer up different advantages. Overall, though, you want these battles to be done with and so you can reap the rewards and start building and buying stuff.

Age of Sparta Mobile Video Game

Battles have cool units

There’s also a campaign mode with some interesting stories and battles.

Age of Sparta Mobile Video Game

Campaigns might get interesting

Overall, though, Age of Sparta has nothing to distance itself from all the other “Age” games out there right now. Hopefully soon, we’ll enter the Age of “someone-please-come-up-with-something-new”!

Age of Sparta Mobile Video Game

Victory can be yours, but how much real $$$?

LEGO Jurassic World Game Official Trailer – Kill Two Pterodactyls with one BIG LEGO brick

It’s hard to believe LEGO has been around since 1949. And it’s also hard to believe the first Jurassic Park movie came out in 1994. But both are still alive and kicking, and if you play the new LEGO Jurassic World Game, you’ll kill two pterodactyls with one boulder.

The teaser trailer came out in February. It’s March, which means the Official Trailer. The tie-game to the movie will be tied-in with the release of the movie, to be released early summer, but we don’t have to wait that long to know what it’ll feature, because we’ve seen those movies before and the game in true tie-in fashion has loads and loads of re-enactments from the movie.

There’s the arrogant old man scientist playing God. We have the stupid kids who are either crying or screaming and always need rescuing. We have the cocky guy with the big gun. And the other usual-usuals like the smart-aleck you want to slap and the greedy coward who gets the most horrible, but most crowd-pleasing, death.

The scenes are there, too. The guy dangling and the car falling and he gets out of the way just in time! Phew, that was close. The T-Rex chasing and the crashing into the log. I laughed out loud when I saw that even before they had LOLs.

This game will be a hit.

If you’re concerned this masterpiece won’t be out on your platform of choice, don’t. It’s on everything: PS4, PS3, PSVITA, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, Nintendo 3DS.

Look for it in June 2015.

Madden Mobile Tips for Success

NOTE: This post is for Madden Mobile 15.  For Madden Mobile 16 Tips for Success, click on this link.

Here are some tips for success to move up in Madden Mobile. If you’re simply looking for good plays to run, go here for run plays and here for pass plays.

Madden Mobile: Tips for Success

Madden Mobile starts easy, and then it gets tough. Very tough. The competition stiffens with each tier you scale. I’ve been at this for over a month and I’m ranked at 336 with 73.1 million fans. Took me about a week to break 1000, but then over three weeks now to get to 336. Been here a while, too. Competition is tough and gets tougher.

madden mobile video game

Lots of hard work to get to where I am now, much more hard work ahead to reach the Top 100.

If you’re just starting out or in the middle levels, some of these tips may help you move up in Rivalry or League play. It’s not for the really good players – those fellas don’t need tips. It’s for average players like me.

But first, here are some of my other Madden Mobile posts:

Top Passing Plays

Top Running Plays

How to get to Top 100

The team that got me to Top 100

Run First, Pass Second

Pass plays are much tougher to execute than run plays. As you move up the tiers, you’ll see better Defensive Backs, too. Which means, picks. Lots of picks, and pick-sixes. So, run and run, and pass only when you need to. And do the unexpected like pass on running downs and run on passing downs.

Here’s my usual script:

First Down: Run

Second and Short: Run

Second and Long: Pass (defense will usually line up for a run)

Third and Short: Run

Third and Long: Run a play between tackles like Draws and Dives (Defense will usually be Nickel or Dime)

Fourth and Short: Run

Fourth and Long: Pass

Passing is an Art Form

The safest passing plays are lobs down the middle to your Tight End. So, first of all, get a good TE. And learn the pass plays that has your TE streaking. Even if the pass gets picked, the DB will usually get tacked right away. If you get picked while passing to your WR, there’s a good chance it’ll be pick-six. Corner routes to your TE will also work but are not the safest.

The next safest pass plays are short ones to your RB or WR on a curl, screen or flat routes. But you need to read the defense. If there’s a trailer or tight coverage, it’s better to take a sack than risk pick-six.

Always Touchback

On the kickoff, if you’re KR is standing in the end zone, hit that button that says, “Fair Catch”. It’ll give you an automatic 20 yards. Don’t try to run it out – you’ll end up on the 10 or 15 yard line.

madden mobile video game

Don’t run it out, you won’t make it! Hit Fair Catch button for easy downing.

Defensive Strategy

Don’t forget to set your Defensive Strategy. You’ll get an extra play each level you move up. You have a Global Strategy and then a player-specific strategy. Study the Film and set your Defensive Strategy. You may need to set it before every drive as top players know how to counter your counters.

Likewise, study the film to choose the right plays for your next drive. Your first drive is often a scouting drive, figuring out which plays will work and which have been countered. So, start your first drive with core plays and try to get as many plays in as possible.

Go for Fans, not Wins

You add fans for Field Goals, and you lose fans for turnover on downs. So, if you’re down by 6 points on your last drive, and it’s 4th and 5 at the twenty yard line, kick the field goal and add the fans. You can try and get the win, but if you fail, you lose fans and you won’t move up the ladder. It’s better to lose 7-3 and get the fans than 7-0 and lose fans.

Use the Auction

One of the best things about Madden Mobile is the auction system. You can get good money for players you don’t need. Not all players are worth auctioning. Bronze, Silver and lower-level Gold players should be used to complete sets or converted to trophies.

Auction Gold players that are 80 and above. A skills player at this level will fetch somewhere between $1-5K. A special teams player or lineman will fetch more.

madden mobile video game

Auctioning is a good way to get money for the players you need.

Auction the players during the day. Regardless of your auction’s duration, set it so that it’ll end at a time when most people in the United States are not sleeping. You’ll get more $ that way. For example, Mychal Kendrick (90+) fetched somewhere between $35-50K during the day, but only $25-30K during the graveyard hours.

Use the auction to sell and not buy unless you already have a ringer-roster and just need one or two to round out. (If you’re at that point, you probably don’t need these tips.) Use the money to buy packs and complete sets. That will yield more top players faster.

At some point, you’ll need to do more to reach the very top – I’ll write more tips when I get there. But for those in the beginning or middle of their Madden Mobile careers, these tips will get you going.

Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Trailer — Cops and Robbers…Genius!

One day you have a beautiful work of art like Ori and the Blind Forest, and the next day, you have Battlefield Hardline. That sums up the gaming world today, and how wide and eclectic it has become.

How do you add some new oomph to something old?  Cops and robbers, man.  Genius creativity!

You wouldn’t know that Battlefield Hardline is part of the Battlefield lineage by the trailer. It looks more like a spin-off of GTA or a game version of the movie, Heat. They ditched the military for cops and robbers. You’re either a SWAT-like special police, or you’re a criminal.  Los Angeles is a battlefield, but this is going too far…which is the goal here, I guess.

battlefield hardline video game

You have modes like:

Heist: bank or armored car robbery.

Blood Money: like capture the flag, but cash instead of flag.

Rescue: Rescue hostages if you’re a cop, kill cops if you’re a criminal.

Crosshair: Criminals try and kill a rat, the cops try to stop them.


Based on the trailer, the main selling-point for this game is violence and language. The graphics are sub-par (look at the characters’ faces) and the gameplay doesn’t offer anything new except perhaps the Levolution mechanic first introduced in Battlefield 4. Basically, you have something crashing down on a building or something that somewhat changes the map.

Battlefield Hardline is a first-person shooter and first-person shooters with a known name behind it will get players, but I would rather go old-school Battlefield, and drive some tanks instead of get-away cars.

You want this game? It’s out on Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on March 17, 2015.