Hunger Video Game — A Suspense-Adventure that is both suspenseful and adventurous?

By | February 25, 2015

What is Suspense-Adventure?

Any game that throws out new hyphenated words will draw my interest. Hunger does that. The new teaser gameplay trailer is out, and the indie describes itself as a “suspense-adventure”. In case you didn’t know, the game’s got both suspense and adventure.  We’ll be the judge of that.

It’s also got a “Dollhouse Perspective”, which might end up being a more interesting new genre: dollhouse-suspense. I saw a movie where a doll in a dollhouse keeps staring at people. That’s scary.

Everything about this game screams interesting, and originality (except the title, which when you search, pulls up the lame Jennifer Lawrence movies). The creepiness. The art direction. The music. The story. The angles.

And the crazy hands!

hunger video game hands

Keep your hands to yourself!

There’s a girl in a yellow raincoat. She’s trapped in a strange world full of giant monsters. Either they’re giants or she’s small – I thought latter at first, but then I decided she’s normal size by the end of the trailer. We watch her from various angles in compartmented levels, which in addition to a dollhouse, reminds me of a TV show set. She needs to solve puzzles and avoid the giants who, I guess, are hungry. A couple of these beasts are shown chopping – meat, probably.

hunger video game cooks

What are they cooking? Little girls perhaps…

It’s dark and she’s frail. She can’t fight. Her size is an advantage. So is her wit, or your wit. And where is she, exactly? That’s the twist at the end of the trailer. Underwater. So then, what happens when she escapes? She’s in the middle of the ocean.

hunger video game ocean

Where do you go once you reach the surface?

I can’t wait to find out.

Tarsier Studios is still working on the game. No release date yet.

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