Dog Hotel Mobile Free-to-Play Review — Man’s Best Friend just got Friendlier

By | February 24, 2015

1) Game Experience: High

2) Game Value: High

3) Quiche’s Recommendation: You don’t need to pay to have a best friend.

My review guidelines.

You’ve got several acres of prime ocean-front real estate, what do you do? That’s right, start a Dog Hotel!

Dog Hotel Mobile Game Poodle

Living the high life…

Dog Hotel is the new mobile free-to-play that’s all the canine craze! The objective is simple. Take care of dogs while their owners are living it up somewhere. You bathe them, exercise them, pet them, and of course, feed them. Keep them dogs happy, and their owners will be happy, too, and you’ll get paid.

It’s a F2P, which means there’s an energy meter. Each action (bathing, obstacle horse, etc) takes a bar off the meter. Once you run out, you wait for it refill. And while you wait, so do those dogs. Don’t want to keep the dogs waiting, use real money.

The game is very easy to play. The obstacle course requires you to touch, swipe or swipe down to guide the dog through the hoops and hurdles.

Dog Hotel Game Obstacle Course

I’d rather be getting a tan…

Bathing has three phases: spray dog with water by dragging the faucet icon, soap it, and then rinse it. If you see a smiley face, the dog is happy and you will be, too.

Dog Hotel Game Shower

Bath time!

The Dog Motel consists of several small rooms, one for each dog. The room can get pretty dirty, which is another task that requires an energy bar.

Dog Hotel Game

Keep dog fed, clean and happy…easy peazy

The only thing missing, so far, are the crazy dogs. The dogs that bite you. I’ve gone through six dogs, and they’ve all been super-cool. No mad dog that’ll take out your hand, or weird dog that sniffs your genitals. No, these dogs are prime-rate upper class. The top 1%. Why else would they be at an ocean-front hotel?

Game can get repetitive, but it’s not meant to be played for more than a few minutes at a time. Worth checking back to it a few times a day, or whenever you need a furry friend to lift up your spirits.

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