Just Cause 3: Firestarter Trailer — Rico Rodriguez will git some, and then he’ll git some more

By | February 23, 2015

If you have in your head what Rico Rodriguez has in his head, you’ll probably be institutionalized. But he’s Rico, our favorite master of mayhem and captain of carnage, and he’s back to git-more-of-that-some in Just Cause 3.

The Firestarter trailer shows us his visualization technique as he’s going from Point A, airplane, to Point B, the Mediterranean Island of Medici where an evil dictator, General Di Ravello, is ruling with an iron fist.

Just Cause 3 Rico Rodriguez

“I’m coming for you, Ravello!”

Like in Jagged Alliance, Rico might have been hired to do the dirty work, but it’s more than that – this is after all, a JUST CAUSE. Medici is Rico’s home island. It’s where he’s from. It’s where he grew up. He’s got family there, and friends. Many of whom suffered at the hands of the evil dictator. That cause can’t get more just than that.

Rico’s got fire in his mind. And destruction. And an exploding car. And the likeness of Ravello crumbling and burning. As if one Ravello is not good enough, there are two. A picture and a statue. Okay, we get the point. Rico wants Ravello gone!

Just Cause 3 Rico Rodriguez

Parachutes & explosions — that’s Just Cause.

Just Cause 3, like its predecessors, is an open world action-adventure. And like the previous titles, there’s coolness in jumping and falling. The parachute and grappling hook are back. There’s also more vertical action than before. Both underground and going on up.

But more than anything, Just Cause wouldn’t be Just Cause without the carnage. And as we see in the Firestarter trailer, there’s plenty of carnage and explosions and revenge to be had.

Just Cause 3 is out on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One during the holidays in 2015.

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