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By | February 16, 2015

NOTE: this post is for Madden Mobile 15.  For Madden Mobile 16 Top Rushing Plays, click on this link.


Top Madden Mobile players know how to run the ball. As you move up, you’ll need to master them all, but here are the top five rushing plays to get you started.

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I-FORM: HB Blast


This play will eventually become useless during Rivalry play since almost everyone counters it. But it’s effective for 6 to 10 yard runs in the beginning and in league play. Run the play to your left between the tackle and guard. If you have a good left tackle, there should always be a hole either to his right or left. Follow your Fullback through that hole. Pound it!

I-FORM: HB Lead Draw

You need to master your draws, especially for Rivalry play since draws are often the least countered. The key to running draws is patience. You need to wait for the hole, which will happen usually to the right or left of your Center. And the Center is usually the only one blocking your path. Wait for him to clear out, or follow him for a good 5-7 yard gain.



The most consistent running play. It won’t get consistently countered during Rivalry play until well into All-Madden tiers. Look for your FB and follow-him through the first hole you see. You’ll get anywhere from 5-15 yards per play.



The ultimate short-yardage play. It won’t get countered in Rivalry play as many players consider it too short yardage to worry about. It’s good for getting you that 3-5 yards needed for a first down. The way to be effective with this play is to just pound it. Find a hole and pound it. If there’s no hole, pound it anyway.



Basically, a counter is fake one way, then go the other. The Single Back counter is valuable since it won’t get consistently countered in Rivalry play. It’s also effective against a goal line defense. Swing around the defenders. If the End pushes your Tackle wide, then cut back in. Good for 5-10 yards.

Master the run, master Madden Mobile!

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