LEGO Jurassic World Game Teaser Trailer — Without a jaw, a T-Rex will die a slow and painful death…but it’s funny!

By | February 4, 2015

The best thing about having a toddler in the house is playing with his toys. LEGO is at the top of my list. I pick up a box whenever I can. His fingers are not dexterous enough for the smaller sets, but I get ‘em anyway, because I love them! The LEGO Empire is ubiquitous. They have tie-in deals with just about every pop-culture meme-gene money-maker there is. They need to start their own stream network like Netflix and just transpose every hit show into LEGO-ese.

The hit movie this year is Jurassic World. And so, we don’t need a trailer to know a LEGO Jurassic World Game is coming. But there’s trailer for it. It’s a teaser trailer, which means more trailers are sure to follow.

In the trailer, a thumping makes water shake. Then BAM!  Like Bambi meets Godzilla, a big bad T-Rex smashes the water. He’s scary and mad, and then…. SPOILER ALERT!!! His jaw falls off! Holy cow, that’s crazy funny! And then the T-Rex tries to pick up his jaw, but he’s too fat, and his arms too short (awwww), and he can’t bend down. Reality check: without a jaw, he’ll slowly and painfully starve to death.  But my kid laughed. Hard. That’s all that matters.

The game is out on everything, even Jurassic-aged consoles Xbox 360 and PS3, this June. The game is segmented, giving us a ride through all the key moments in Jurassic Park film history. Kinda like the first Call of Duty, which takes us through key cliché moments of all World War 2 movies. It’s still LEGO, though, which means people will pay and pay big, and kids will laugh, and then cry when their parents take it away to play it themselves. That’s LEGO, and it’s awesome!

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