NightCry Gameplay Trailer (Kickstarter) — Scissors are Scary! (but Rock beats Scissors)

By | February 3, 2015

A big dude with a big pair of scissors is killing people. You’re stuck on a cruise ship. What do you do? Rock beats scissors so if I had a rock, I would fight. But I have no rock, so I’m running. And hiding. And I would also take off my high heels, and probably change into something more comfy than a prom dress, but I don’t, because I have to look hot, and I have to sell copies to teenaged boys. Sounds like a Wayans brothers flick? Naw, it’s NightCry, a horror survival game in development, currently at $50K of $300K on Kickstarter.

Seriously, all I’m thinking while watching the new gameplay trailer are those heels. Running in those things might be a survival challenge in itself.

Take off those heels already!

Take off those heels already!

The developers are a group of veteran Japanese horror guys and gals. They list the Clock Tower (yes, the scissors are back) and The Grudge among others on their resume. So the game’s got to be good, right? They should raise $300K easy, right?

I don’t know if there’s enough here.

The game is a point-and-click explore and hide and survive ho-hum ho-hum. Find things and talk to people to help you live. Endings and events can change depending on your actions. Nothing new. And there’s a whole list of horror tricks like shadows and dark corners and blood and so on. And the guy with the scissors…. Hopefully his mother told him never to run with scissors.

Kickstarter ends on February 22. Mobile is already funded, if this funds, it’ll be on PC.

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