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Hunger Video Game — A Suspense-Adventure that is both suspenseful and adventurous?

What is Suspense-Adventure?

Any game that throws out new hyphenated words will draw my interest. Hunger does that. The new teaser gameplay trailer is out, and the indie describes itself as a “suspense-adventure”. In case you didn’t know, the game’s got both suspense and adventure.  We’ll be the judge of that.

It’s also got a “Dollhouse Perspective”, which might end up being a more interesting new genre: dollhouse-suspense. I saw a movie where a doll in a dollhouse keeps staring at people. That’s scary.

Everything about this game screams interesting, and originality (except the title, which when you search, pulls up the lame Jennifer Lawrence movies). The creepiness. The art direction. The music. The story. The angles.

And the crazy hands!

hunger video game hands

Keep your hands to yourself!

There’s a girl in a yellow raincoat. She’s trapped in a strange world full of giant monsters. Either they’re giants or she’s small – I thought latter at first, but then I decided she’s normal size by the end of the trailer. We watch her from various angles in compartmented levels, which in addition to a dollhouse, reminds me of a TV show set. She needs to solve puzzles and avoid the giants who, I guess, are hungry. A couple of these beasts are shown chopping – meat, probably.

hunger video game cooks

What are they cooking? Little girls perhaps…

It’s dark and she’s frail. She can’t fight. Her size is an advantage. So is her wit, or your wit. And where is she, exactly? That’s the twist at the end of the trailer. Underwater. So then, what happens when she escapes? She’s in the middle of the ocean.

hunger video game ocean

Where do you go once you reach the surface?

I can’t wait to find out.

Tarsier Studios is still working on the game. No release date yet.

Dog Hotel Mobile Free-to-Play Review — Man’s Best Friend just got Friendlier

1) Game Experience: High

2) Game Value: High

3) Quiche’s Recommendation: You don’t need to pay to have a best friend.

My review guidelines.

You’ve got several acres of prime ocean-front real estate, what do you do? That’s right, start a Dog Hotel!

Dog Hotel Mobile Game Poodle

Living the high life…

Dog Hotel is the new mobile free-to-play that’s all the canine craze! The objective is simple. Take care of dogs while their owners are living it up somewhere. You bathe them, exercise them, pet them, and of course, feed them. Keep them dogs happy, and their owners will be happy, too, and you’ll get paid.

It’s a F2P, which means there’s an energy meter. Each action (bathing, obstacle horse, etc) takes a bar off the meter. Once you run out, you wait for it refill. And while you wait, so do those dogs. Don’t want to keep the dogs waiting, use real money.

The game is very easy to play. The obstacle course requires you to touch, swipe or swipe down to guide the dog through the hoops and hurdles.

Dog Hotel Game Obstacle Course

I’d rather be getting a tan…

Bathing has three phases: spray dog with water by dragging the faucet icon, soap it, and then rinse it. If you see a smiley face, the dog is happy and you will be, too.

Dog Hotel Game Shower

Bath time!

The Dog Motel consists of several small rooms, one for each dog. The room can get pretty dirty, which is another task that requires an energy bar.

Dog Hotel Game

Keep dog fed, clean and happy…easy peazy

The only thing missing, so far, are the crazy dogs. The dogs that bite you. I’ve gone through six dogs, and they’ve all been super-cool. No mad dog that’ll take out your hand, or weird dog that sniffs your genitals. No, these dogs are prime-rate upper class. The top 1%. Why else would they be at an ocean-front hotel?

Game can get repetitive, but it’s not meant to be played for more than a few minutes at a time. Worth checking back to it a few times a day, or whenever you need a furry friend to lift up your spirits.

Just Cause 3: Firestarter Trailer — Rico Rodriguez will git some, and then he’ll git some more

If you have in your head what Rico Rodriguez has in his head, you’ll probably be institutionalized. But he’s Rico, our favorite master of mayhem and captain of carnage, and he’s back to git-more-of-that-some in Just Cause 3.

The Firestarter trailer shows us his visualization technique as he’s going from Point A, airplane, to Point B, the Mediterranean Island of Medici where an evil dictator, General Di Ravello, is ruling with an iron fist.

Just Cause 3 Rico Rodriguez

“I’m coming for you, Ravello!”

Like in Jagged Alliance, Rico might have been hired to do the dirty work, but it’s more than that – this is after all, a JUST CAUSE. Medici is Rico’s home island. It’s where he’s from. It’s where he grew up. He’s got family there, and friends. Many of whom suffered at the hands of the evil dictator. That cause can’t get more just than that.

Rico’s got fire in his mind. And destruction. And an exploding car. And the likeness of Ravello crumbling and burning. As if one Ravello is not good enough, there are two. A picture and a statue. Okay, we get the point. Rico wants Ravello gone!

Just Cause 3 Rico Rodriguez

Parachutes & explosions — that’s Just Cause.

Just Cause 3, like its predecessors, is an open world action-adventure. And like the previous titles, there’s coolness in jumping and falling. The parachute and grappling hook are back. There’s also more vertical action than before. Both underground and going on up.

But more than anything, Just Cause wouldn’t be Just Cause without the carnage. And as we see in the Firestarter trailer, there’s plenty of carnage and explosions and revenge to be had.

Just Cause 3 is out on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One during the holidays in 2015.

Space Hulk: Deathwing – Rise of the Terminators Trailer — Don’t mess with the Terminators!

The Deathwing kick butt!

That’s all you need to know. And those Deathwing Terminator squads? Don’t want to get in their way. But as the new Space Hulk: Deathwing – Rise of the Terminators Trailer shows, lots of critters do get in their way, and they pay for it.

The Deathwing is a company of Space Marines. They are elite. They are veterans. In Terminator Armour, they are almost unstoppable. The Terminators are those shock-troop veterans who get to wear Terminator Armour (Tactical Dreadnough Armour). They’re in first, last out. The armor allows them to teleport and inflict some heavy pain. The terminators do most of the killing, and leave the others to take names.

Read more about the Terminators here at Warhammer 40K Wiki.

The trailer showcases some heavy ordinance. A plasma cannon, a flame thrower, auto pistols, blasters, machine guns, and a gun that blasts some green thing. And there’s also my favorite, a big flaming sword with the words, “I am mercy of the Angels” written on it. Now, that is something serious.

space hulk deathwing sword

The sword is awesome!

But it ain’t all easy for the Terminators. At the end of the trailer, they get backed into a defensive line. But my bet is they blast their way out, do some exterminator action, kill them bugs. They Terminator, man, and ain’t nothing stopping them.

Another interesting thing about the trailer is the music. It’s…well, not sure what it is, but it’s cool, it’s different, and it kicks butt, just like the Terminators.

Space Hulk: Deathwing is out in 2015 on Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

space hulk deathwing


Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin – Forlorn Hope Trailer — Bundles are Awesome!

Bundling is good business, and boy, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is a bundle! It’s got three DLC packs (Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, and Crown of the Ivory King). It’s also got this:

  • New NPCs.
  • More descriptions.
  • Better online matchmaking.
  • Enhancements to graphics and sound.

All yours for less than $60!

Is it worth it?

Yes, if you don’t already have the DLCs. If you do, then probably not. Trailer shows you what you could be missing. The graphics do look enhanced, especially the lighting. The dungeons are creepier with the shadow-play effects and the forest darker and more sinister. The fire effects on 1:05 of the trailer still looks just a step above Boba Fett’s flamer in Shadows of the Empire…of N64…of twenty years ago. But that’s okay, it’s a bundle!

The trailer gives us a tour of the King’s castle, a Giants’ layer, and a dungeon full of creepy things that have some connection to us that we don’t know about exactly, but it’s the mystery that sells. Love it.

Scholar of the First Sin is out on April 7, 2015.

Madden Mobile Top Run Plays

NOTE: this post is for Madden Mobile 15.  For Madden Mobile 16 Top Rushing Plays, click on this link.


Top Madden Mobile players know how to run the ball. As you move up, you’ll need to master them all, but here are the top five rushing plays to get you started.

For the top passing plays, go here.

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I-FORM: HB Blast


This play will eventually become useless during Rivalry play since almost everyone counters it. But it’s effective for 6 to 10 yard runs in the beginning and in league play. Run the play to your left between the tackle and guard. If you have a good left tackle, there should always be a hole either to his right or left. Follow your Fullback through that hole. Pound it!

I-FORM: HB Lead Draw

You need to master your draws, especially for Rivalry play since draws are often the least countered. The key to running draws is patience. You need to wait for the hole, which will happen usually to the right or left of your Center. And the Center is usually the only one blocking your path. Wait for him to clear out, or follow him for a good 5-7 yard gain.



The most consistent running play. It won’t get consistently countered during Rivalry play until well into All-Madden tiers. Look for your FB and follow-him through the first hole you see. You’ll get anywhere from 5-15 yards per play.



The ultimate short-yardage play. It won’t get countered in Rivalry play as many players consider it too short yardage to worry about. It’s good for getting you that 3-5 yards needed for a first down. The way to be effective with this play is to just pound it. Find a hole and pound it. If there’s no hole, pound it anyway.



Basically, a counter is fake one way, then go the other. The Single Back counter is valuable since it won’t get consistently countered in Rivalry play. It’s also effective against a goal line defense. Swing around the defenders. If the End pushes your Tackle wide, then cut back in. Good for 5-10 yards.

Master the run, master Madden Mobile!

Hellcrest on Kickstarter — Dirty games need to be funded

I love dirty games. Gods Will be Watching was a dirty game and I loved it. I need more dirty games. And looks like Hellcrest might be the dirtiest of dirty games.

You’re trapped. There’s disease. There are brutal thugs, both in uniform and without. Nasty little weapons worse than death. Tragedy of commons. And cannibalism. No, I’m not talking about South Central L.A. It’s Hellcrest, and you’re in a prison on an isolated island.

The game’s currently raising dough on Kickstarter (about $70 of $12K with 21 days remaining).

The storyline is like one of those writing prompts your hippie English teacher used to give you in college:

Think of the worst possible place you could be in the worst possible situation, and write a story about that.

So, how about this. You’re in prison in the middle of the ocean. The guards don’t give a rat’s butt about you. People are dying. Killing each other? Yes. Eating each other? Yes. And there’s a disease. Oh, YES!

Like Gods Will be Watching, it’s retro pixel graphics. Which could be cool, or annoying without proper art direction. It’s top-down like old-school GTA, which presents an interesting perspective. Hopefully, the bird’s-eye distance don’t detach us too much from the dirty, because when dirty happens, I want to get splattered on the face.

The game’s objective is to get you as close to real survival mode as possible. You have to eat, drink, sleep. Sleep alone could present a challenge (I hope!). How do you sleep safely in a prison? Not a lot of space, packed with felons hungry enough to eat you.

The most intriguing survival question is will the game give me the option to eat other people? Terrible, I know. But the game is supposed to be dirty. And you know what, I know it’s just a game, but I like games that make me ask those dirty questions about life and existence.

So, let’s make this happen, fund Hellcrest, and let’s get dirty.

Immortal Odyssey Review — Year of the Goat, baahhh your way to a different game

1) Game Experience: Low

2) Game Value: Medium

3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Year of the Goat, baahhh your way to a different game.

I dig old Chinese historical and mythical literature. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Monkey King, and all the stuff with guys swinging big sticks and ladies with supernatural oomph. So a game like Immortal Odyssey comes around and I’m all over it. The art is a bit cartoony, but has its flavor, and there’s an interesting storyline (immortals and mortals and love and kingdoms in peril, etc). All good, but the gameplay left me saying, better bail out before I do something stupid, like spending money.

Gameloft’s Immortal Odyssey is a mobile F2P RPG. How is it different than other mobile F2P RPGs? Not a whole lot. Chinese folklore-ish, opera stuff. Yeah, that’s kinda interesting. Ghosts and souls. Cool. There are dragons, too, that look more like Chinese New Year than The Hobbit.

Old Chinese fantasy stuff is cool.

Old Chinese fantasy stuff is cool.

So, some cool stuff, but it’s otherwise your granny’s RPG. Characters level up. Form teams. Develop skills, equipment, and self-improve over and over again as you face tougher and tougher enemies. Normal RPG stuff.

Self-improvement is necessary to survive.

Self-improvement is necessary to survive.

Nothing unique about the classes, either: Knight, Mage, Fighter, and Ranger.

Homage to Chun Li?

Homage to Chun Li?

There’s a stamina meter that allows you to conduct missions. Run out, and you wait. Don’t want to wait? Pay real money.

Developers need to eat, too.

Developers need to eat, too.

The main disappointment is in the gameplay. You start at a hub and use portals to transport to dungeons and other areas where you battle and collect goodies and rewards. It’s point-click, side-scroll. No exploration, just move left to right where you’re sure to find a baddie to beat up.

The battles are weak and repetitive. It’s point and then click to attack. There’s a special power you can use, but since there’s no real strategy, you just use it when you can. It’s the same tapping-without-thinking action over and over again. In fact, there’s even an auto-fight button that does the fighting for you because there’s no real reason to battle turn by turn. And even more, there’s even a Raid button that allows you to fight without actually going to the dungeon itself. Push the button, and then you get the results of the battle. Then why even have the game at all?

Battles are repetitive.

Battles are repetitive.

I played a total of about two hours over a period of a couple days. I got bored. At some point, I’m sure you have to pay real money to get items to get past certain adversaries in the game. I’m not going to get there. And unfortunately, I’ll have to wait longer for someone to make a real Monkey King or Three Kingdoms video game.

When you see ghosts in a village...time to go to another village.

When you see ghosts in a village…time to go to another village.

Grow Home Launch Trailer — Falling is bad for your health

Falling is not fun. I’ve done a lot of falling, and from very high places. Some of the early 3D games on N64 had epic falls. Remember Turok? The opening scene of Goldeneye? Shadows of the Empire? And of course, Super Mario 64. And Mario is what Grow Home reminds me of most. A 3D world of puzzles solved only by some serious unhumanly gymnastics as well as wit. And some flying as well. Mess up? Long way down.

Falling sucks

Falling sucks

Ubisoft’s Grow Home is out on PC and it’s not for the vertigo-sensitive. The game is vertical. You’re a robot named B.U.D. (Botanical Utility Droid) and like Wall-E, you’re on a mission sent from someone who probably don’t care as much about a robot as we do, and then like E.T., he’s gotta get on home, except he can’t phone, he’s gotta climb. And then climb. And then climb some more. There’s jumping and flying, too. And using the environment such as a tree branch that grows out like Pinocchio’s nose and a catapulting plant that launches you to where you need to go…hopefully.

The music is also Super Mario-esque. Not N64, but the original Nintendo. Still good. And they advertise the graphics as minimalist, which is fine as long as the game plays, but some of it looks like it was done on SketchUp.

Would I buy this game for $7.99? Probably not. Not because it doesn’t look good. I just can’t play a whole game where I’d have to battle my fear of heights. Then again, maybe it’ll be good therapy.

Game is out now on Steam.

LEGO Jurassic World Game Teaser Trailer — Without a jaw, a T-Rex will die a slow and painful death…but it’s funny!

The best thing about having a toddler in the house is playing with his toys. LEGO is at the top of my list. I pick up a box whenever I can. His fingers are not dexterous enough for the smaller sets, but I get ‘em anyway, because I love them! The LEGO Empire is ubiquitous. They have tie-in deals with just about every pop-culture meme-gene money-maker there is. They need to start their own stream network like Netflix and just transpose every hit show into LEGO-ese.

The hit movie this year is Jurassic World. And so, we don’t need a trailer to know a LEGO Jurassic World Game is coming. But there’s trailer for it. It’s a teaser trailer, which means more trailers are sure to follow.

In the trailer, a thumping makes water shake. Then BAM!  Like Bambi meets Godzilla, a big bad T-Rex smashes the water. He’s scary and mad, and then…. SPOILER ALERT!!! His jaw falls off! Holy cow, that’s crazy funny! And then the T-Rex tries to pick up his jaw, but he’s too fat, and his arms too short (awwww), and he can’t bend down. Reality check: without a jaw, he’ll slowly and painfully starve to death.  But my kid laughed. Hard. That’s all that matters.

The game is out on everything, even Jurassic-aged consoles Xbox 360 and PS3, this June. The game is segmented, giving us a ride through all the key moments in Jurassic Park film history. Kinda like the first Call of Duty, which takes us through key cliché moments of all World War 2 movies. It’s still LEGO, though, which means people will pay and pay big, and kids will laugh, and then cry when their parents take it away to play it themselves. That’s LEGO, and it’s awesome!