Monthly Archives: January 2015

Evolve Intro Cinematic Trailer – Where are them man-eating baby monsters?

Evolve’s Intro Cinematic is disappointing, but only because the game itself is sure to be a kick-butt monster-hunting whomp this year. That’s a good whomp. The kind of whomp that’ll make you salivating for DLCs. The game is 4 on 1 asymmetrical multiplayer. Four are hunters and one player is the monster. There are some… Read More »

Bitten on Kickstarter — Will this Zombie survival game survive?

Zombie survival games are like cockroaches these days. They keep crawling out. And Kickstarter seems to be that crack behind the fridge where them roaches are breeding. We’ve had Resurrection, Survive the Nights, Zpocalypse and a whole swarm of others. And now, there’s Bitten, which promises to be a “horror survival game with a twist”.… Read More »

Stranded Deep — Real Castaway Survival Game?

The Forest is a solid castaway game. But it’s not a real survival game. True survival is hardcore man-against-nature. Even in war, the real battle is feeding your stomach and keeping your feet dry and your body hydrated. Man-eating natives aside, how difficult is the Forest? It’s about trial and error MacGyver stuff. A beach… Read More »