The Hum: Abductions Trailer — Hearing is Believing

By | January 29, 2015

Hearing is scarier than seeing. The best horror flicks have the best sound design.  The Shining, The Birds, Exorcist, Ju-On, et al.  The Hum: Abductions is all about sound. The title says it all. Also, check out the trailer and listen to it full-blast on surround or with a pair of nice head-phones. Some excellent sound work. Footsteps, creaking doors, spooky crackling noises, a tell-tale beating heart, and of course, the hum. The sounds alone makes me think, this game’s gonna be goooooood.

The game’s also Oculus Rift supported, which means that stuff is gonna be in your head. Like I said last summer, it’ll give me heart-attack.

What exactly is The Hum: Abductions?

Start with X-Files. Yep, abductions, as in alien-probing, abductions. Yummy! You’ll definitely get experimented on. According to the site, there will be scenes where you’re inside the head of someone getting experimented on. Perhaps probed, too. Gotta have the probing.

And it’s Oculus Rift so yeah, first-person. Who is the person? Holly Sanders. A normal mother and wife. According to the trailer, her baby’s abducted and so, the highest stake situation: mother looking for her child. Mystery, horror, realistic graphics. Darkness.

But more than anything, it’s got sound. Excellent sound that’ll have you changing your underpants frequently.

Coming soon on PC, Mac and PS4.

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