Magicka 2 An Interview Without the Vampire Trailer — Just give the man some blood already!

By | January 28, 2015

I’m a hacker, slasher, bludgener. Give me a claymore, a broadsword or better yet, a war hammer. Mixing potions and waving wands and squirting colorful streams of light? Not me. But if magic is your deal, then Magicka is your game.

And Magicka 2 might be better than the first. The trailer’s hilarious. It’s a non-vampire Brad doing his best Woody Allen. He’s talking about these druid dudes doing magic on them all. The ten seconds of gameplay in the trailer shows similar action as the first. More fireworks than the 4th.


Here’s the game: 1-4 Wizards in single or co-op play. Customize yourselves. Mess with elements (water, life, earth, fire, et al) to make your boom be more boom. Then go Harry-Potter-on-steroids on the uglies.

Spells are also kung-fu-esqe – variety of styles and techniques like range fire or area attack. Another good thing? No MANAnnoying Mana.

What was annoying about Magicka? Paying for DLCs.

What’s new on Magicka 2? To be determined.

Game’s out sometimes this year on PS4 and Windows.

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