Evolve Survival Guide Trailer — Will Godzilla be a DLC?

By | January 26, 2015

The Survival Guide Trailer for Evolve is out. Will it help you survive? Probably not. It’s rocking, though. I might spend $60 or so on February 10 when it comes out on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

The 7-minute trailer’s got everything covered, from hunters to monsters to game modes. Want to learn more about the monsters or modes, go here.

There are 4 classes of hunters with 3 loadouts in each class for a total of 12:

Assault: The Warrior/Grunt/Fighter

Medic: Healer

Trapper: Ranger/Tracker

Support: Big Gun/Booster

But who really cares about the hunters? This game is Evolve. The monsters are the GAME. The monster is Beyonce, the hunters are…the other two chicks of Destiny’s Child.

If you’re playing the monster, you need to stand your ground against those evil hunters. To do so, you have to Evolve. You evolve up to level 3 (like Pokemon) by eating other animals. Each level gives you special powers.

The trailer says there are 800,000 different variations in game play. Okay, if they say so. Who’s going to do the math? Doesn’t matter if 800,000 or 8,000 as long as I can be the monster I know I am.

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